July 2015 Twitter Short Story Contest – Read the 10 winners.

Read the 10 winning Twitter Short Stories for July 2015. They will now have their stories turned into a video movie. Stay tuned for future posts when these 10 stories get turned into a film!

SOUL MATE by Silent Assasin

He knows how to stimulate my mind. When he speaks I smile, blushing when glancing into his eyes. I knew true love had been found from the moment our souls intertwined.

RED ALERT by Cameron Donnelly

Two people can be perfect for each other, but meet at imperfect times. Eve was a Doctor, Adam her patient. They met at a herpes clinic.

A RITE OF PASSAGE by Ethan Greenwood

Sara was psyched about graduating. She wished Mom and Dad were there. Finally after seventy years she’d be getting a biology degree denied to her by the Third Reich.

DAYDREAMS by Fitzjimi

I spied Dita in the park
Instant love what a lark
I sidled over and just said
Hello lovely are you wed
She smiled her smile and replied
Now that is something I’ve never tried

THE DANCE by Ashley Gamrat

Taking my hand, wrapping us into one. Gliding across the dance floor. Smiles surround us. The first dance is timeless, never outdated.

LITERALLY? by Alex Dzialo

Because others advised it, Peter pinched pennies. His fingers threatened to bleed, but he kept at it. He never handled metaphors very well.


There was a knock at the door. She peeked through the window and saw him there. She opened the door, jumped into his arms and they vanished.

TWO WIVES by Joni Norby

The party knew the end was near as Belle turned to stare at my new, shiny wedding band, babe in arms, and her red-faced husband by my side.

DAWN TWITTER by George G A Wensley

Dawn the bird waited for the sun to arise,
to see who could tweet the loudest.
The rose coloured sun arose
and she was a great dawn twitter!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? by Myriam Hammami

Aly was fond of practical jokes. One day he jokingly pushed a woman into a river. She drowned. He’s been in prison since then.

* * * * *

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