Happy Birthday: Miriam Margolyes

miriammargolyesHappy Birthday actor Miriam Margolyes

Born: May 18, 1941 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK


I’m not the sort of woman men boast of having slept with.
As you certainly know, Queen Victoria did not believe in lesbianism. So that was why it was never a criminal offense, in the way homosexuality was, because she thought it was impossible.
I’m an actress and I am a scholar of English literature. And I never know which part of that is more important to me. I think it obviously must be the acting part because otherwise I would have become an academic, which I didn’t do. But I’ve always had a love of English literature and particularly of Charles Dickens.
I think it’s very likely that because (Dickens) was able to depict – in a way that I don’t think had ever been done before – people’s real lives, it had an enormous response among the poor. So he was the last great artist whose work was appreciated by everybody. People at the very top and the very bottom loved Dickens. Queen Victoria asked him to come and read for her and people in the street would clap him as he went. And he very much needed that contact with real people. It mattered to him. He felt, I think, that he was a man of the people. And he was.


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