The Benefit of the Doubt Poster

A woman in a  car is murdered.   David is a happy young father who has a wife he loves, two adorable young children, and a tight-knit tribe of friends who David and his family always go away on holiday with.  

However, on returning from their last trip away in the Vosges, David is taken in for questioning by the police as part of the woman’s murder investigation.  Before long the investigation reveals that all is not what it seems behind the happy and respectable facade of David’s life.   David has been having an affair in Poland unknown to his wife.  Davids character is not perfect.  He often loses his temper that results in arguments with his family and friends. 

The ultimate is whether David is guilty, the answer to which director Tilman keeps the audience guessing right to the very end. The audience wants David to be innocent, but his character is questionably and annoying, so that his innocence is also doubtful to the audience.  This way, Tillman’s film works best as a psychological thriller.  Though Tillman is a male director, he captures very well the feminine points of view in all the events.  

The film ends with the court’s decision on David whether guilty or not guilty, but this not not mean that he committed the deed or not.  Lots of clues for those who love mysteries.


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