ARFF International Celebrates it’s 5th Year with Serious Series of Events

Around International Film Festival will be celebrating its 5th year in 2019 with the event series in order of ARFF Barcelona, ARFF Paris, ARFF Amsterdam and ARFF Berlin as a last destination, to gather all Around filmmakers and enthusiast altogether with the Award Events. Also with an exclusive film project which all the filmmakers who submitted during 5 years, can take an active part. 


This year’s promo films are conceptualized with the telepathic connection to emphasize that filmmakers all Around the world are able to feel beyond 7th emotions.


ARFF International believes that any ”new born” visual creation which has been established on planet earth, generates a new dimension to enhance the human perception.

This 8th emotion will be unveiled in the videos  also refers to the cinema as the 8th and the last art form in the world.



By following the Holly-mood concept, Around Films Network completed the promo series with 8 main characters in 8 hours with 8 one shot sequences by featuring with Timo Jacobs, Drifa Hansen, Katja Sallay, Natascha Vincenza, Mark Windsor, Lavinia Bal, Scott Grabell and Lolita Va Voom. Conceptualized scenes are captured by cinematographer Frank Schwaiger, art director Reelika Ramot and the ARFF International director Onno Mara.

Promo Series will be online in 4 countries during the ARFF 2019 season as mixed media  works to mention the all genre discipline of Around International Film Festival. 


ARFF International Multiple City Editions are always open for submissions to serve the filmmakers 7/24 for screening all genre films, music video & animations from all Around the World.

ARFF_Filmfreeway_Logo_AMS_Yeni ARFF_Filmfreeway_Logo_PARISARFF_Filmfreeway_Logo_BARCA_YENI ARFF_Filmfreeway_Logo_BERLIN

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