Film Review: A NIGHT OF SWITCH ’N’ PLAY (USA 2019) ***

Directed by Cody Stickels

SWITCH ‘N’ PLAY is a drag show/Burlesque that takes place regularly at a Bar in Brooklyn. Tickets are modestly prices between $10 – $12.  Audiences will be for a time of a grand night.  But the audiences there are always respectful of the performers.  The performers are part of an LGBT collective.  hey claim the audiences is very good and they have never been heckled .  A NIGHT OF SWITCH ‘N’ PLAY documents a night out with the show, with various performs doing their thing.

All of the performances, hosted by Femmecee Miss Malice are spicy, hilarious and inventive.  But beware that a few of them are sexual in-your-face. 

The film begins with the introduction of Miss Malice as she opens the show with her aide Zoe Ziegfeld.  Ziegfeld is dressed so that her pubic hair can be seen through her costume, which she keeps pulling (the hair not the costume).  Ziegfeld performs again later on during the film, including a part where she does a hand stand on one of the audience’s chest.

Other performers on display include Divina Grans3parkle (with her Twinkie the Dik costume), Pearl Harbor, Max Satisfaction and Drag Kings, Vigor Mortis (Brooklyn Nightlife’s Awards Drag King of the Year 2017) and K. James.  Beside the regulars (not everyone feared in the doc), the show also features guest performers.  Two of them Qualms Galore and Veronica Viper are featured in the doc.

Of all the performances, the most outrageous belongs to Nyx Nocturne.  The reason will not be revealed in this review – but thus performance is the most shocking and outrageous and the audience loves it.  Warning – be prepared to be utterly shocked for this one.  But my favourite performances are the two done by the Drag Kings.  The striptease by K. James as a milkman is both sexy and entertaining.

Besides the performances, the performers also talk how their drag characters have developed, how they chose their drag names and the reasons they do what they do (besides having a great time).

A NIGHT AT SWITCH ‘N’ PLAY ends up more entertaining that it actually deserves.  Sit back, enjoy the infectiously enjoyable show and ignore all the shit that is otherwise happening around the world.  This doc is playing at the LGBT Inside Out Festival that runs this week.  And a few of the drag performers including Miss Malice will be present at the screening.

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