Watch the DANCE Film Festival Today.

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REVERIE, 9min., USA, Dance
Directed by Brian Bowers
The past can be an unreliable narrator, and the future is simply a shifting reflection of where we are right now. Driven by choreographed movement, original music and sound, REVERIE is an experimental visual narrative that seeks to question and explore. An ensemble dance casts guides us through the delicately narrated introspective, inner dialogue that an emerging artist is having with time itself. Is it true, what they say, that life is but a dream?

REMAIN, 3min., New Zealand, Dance
Directed by Kit Reilly
“Remain” explores themes of solitude and subtlety within the naked body. It exists in an abandoned space where small shifts in movement create tides of energy that swell and reignite a sense of hope. This project was self filmed during a Covid-19 lockdown and is part of the 9 part dance film series “Turbulent Kingdoms.”

PICTORIAL WAY, 3min., France, Dance
Directed by Laura Bonnefous
To give life by color, to make live the bodies and their emotions is the stake of this poetic and dreamlike film.

BE STILL, 5min., USA, Dance
Directed by Nicole Manoochehri
An improvised dance film in collaboration with dancer Mélissa Guérin-Torres, Paris-based composer Arnaud Drieu and award-winning cinematographer Steven Fadellin.

PRIMORDIAL, 4min., USA, Dance
Directed by Madison VanDerLinde
A movement based film depicting the love story between Life and Death. Unable to be together, Life and Death send each other gifts, humans, to express their love for one another. An explanation for existence on Earth.

CANA, 14min., USA, Dance
Directed by Ana Maria Alvarez
This film is an investigation of movement within a natural landscape, of rich textures and textiles in motion, and of the mystery of ritual. It provides a window into a private world of a group of women, dancing together unselfconsciously among natural landscapes and dressed in lusciously colored textiles. Throughout the film, sugar cane is ripped, bitten, and swung about as a meditation on this indulgent substance—echoing themes of vice and virtue.


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