Italian Contemporary Film Festival: EMMA (ll Colore Nascosto Delle Cose)

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Il colore nascosto delle cose Poster
Teo has a good job, a fiancee, a lovers, no intention to assume any responsibility in his life. The meeting with Emma, a blind woman, will upset his convictions.


Silvio Soldini


Davide Lantieri (screenplay), Davide Lantieri (story) |4 more credits »


EMMA is basically a romantic comedy with a slight difference.  One of the couple, in this case the female is blind since the age of 16.  Emma (Valeria Golino), the blind osteopath meets general womanizer Teo (Adriano Giannini) on an outing which takes place totally in the dark.  Mersmerized by her sexy voice, Teo uses his charms to make her his new target. 

The film tries to remain cool and respectful despite the fact that this is romance with a kinky twist which translates to prejudice against the blind.  So how does one do an erotic scene between a blind woman and a man?  Eroticism is provided  when Teo goes for a complete physical emanation conducted by her when two is in the nude.  She uses her bare hands (no gloves) to press certain parts of his body.  “It takes pain to heal,” she advices him during the examination.  “You notice how the waiter ignores me, I am blind, not deaf.” 

 Despite a few ideas and difference in this romantic comedy, the well-intentioned totally predictable Harlequin romance fails to entice, entertain or enlighten.  A total grope in the dark with no light at the end!



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