Next Festival for Trailers Event

WATCH the FESTIVAL FOR TRAILERS Screening all day on Wednesday June 2nd.

Here is the FULL Lineup of Trailers – 20 in total:


RED, Dramedy, 57 seconds
Each day Red, a once famous TV clown, wakes up to his life. A life where his son is dead, his wife wants a divorce, bills are piling up and he is now a small time party clown. Bitter and perpetually intoxicated, he projects his unhappiness onto others, leaving a trail of chaos behind him.

THE ORDER, Crime/Mystery, 57 seconds
When a young woman’s boyfriend goes missing after researching a controversial conspiracy theory, she turns to her
father for help.

GEORGE/GEORGIA, Drama, 102 seconds
Georgia’s is a representation of her individual story in the Gender Spectrum.

GROWING UP GUIDE PUP, Documentary 92 seconds
“Amie & Matthew are Dedicated to Increasing the Level of Awareness about Service Dog Culture Worldwide. In Every Service Dog Beats the ‘Heart of a Puppy Raiser.”

SEA SICK, Drama, 74 seconds
A talented band trying to gain traction and get out of their small Massachusetts hometown, struggle to keep up the momentum due to toxic relationships and powerful addictions.

SQUIRE WELLS, TV Show, 30 seconds
Scootergirl International help people from all over The World with Rescue,Daily needs and also own and operate The Scootergirl Cookie Company.

During her court order therapy session, a woman retells her story of what led her down a path of having to defend herself one night. Destiny is a survivor by any means necessary.

Hing hates brushing his teeth. No one can persuade him to do it, until one day a foul smell emits from his mouth. Let us go inside his mouth and see what is happening there!

1 DEAD DOG, 65 seconds
1 Dead Dog is a dark comedy about 2 serial killer brothers who find a squatter in their house, who also happens to be a serial killer. As you can imagine, they bond over the body count.

GLITCH, 45 seconds
During COVID, a single mom takes on a new assignment that has chilling consequences.

During her court order therapy session, a woman retells her story of what lead her down a path of having to defend herself one night. Destiny is a survivor by any means necessary.

PROMISES, 97 seconds
Trailer of the multi award winning film Promises starring Carlos Guerrero, Carlos Guerrero Jr., Steven Bauer (Scarface, Ray Donavan).

IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT ME, 118 seconds
This documentary features Breanna Ching, film director, taking the interview seat as she shares her heartbreaking story of falling through “the systems” cracks and nearly losing her life to suicide because of her unmanaged bipolar disorder. It seemed all hope was lost…everyone had tossed her away, refusing to care for her mind that was so tangled up. In an almost unbelievable turn around, Bre dedicates herself to finding health and joy, and in the end…becomes a Social Worker.


THEY’RE WATCHING US, by D.G., 100 seconds
Emma and Alexander are two actors…two actors in love. Or are they?

A Time to Heal, by Steven M. Goldberg, 97 seconds
Never before has a mission meant so much to a World In Crisis. “A Time To Heal” is Heartwarming Story of the very dangerous rescue mission of Ethiopian Jews to their Motherland with triumphs, tragedies and many surprises along the way and how it relates to healing the current crises of race and religious relations today.

Avalon, by Brian Whiteman, 3min. 48 seconds
A Scottish bar owner finds her secrets exposed and her family threatened by a violent criminal from her past.

THE CALLING, by Reggie Cook, 139 seconds
The Calling is a biblically-based tv drama in which seven ordinary individuals protected by a band of angels, engage in spiritual warfare against demonic forces, after God grants each of them the supernatural gift of healing.

Plategate: Your Implanted Forehead, by Lorraine Holmes Milton, 140 seconds
That headache or high blood pressure is probably that microchip SIDE EFFECT!

Soldiers Of God, by Guy Quigley
A US Military doctor is shaken when he cannot save the life an identical twin who returns from the hereafter to make amends for her indiscretion with him when he was her sister’s fiancé. She must reconcile the love he had for her sister and introduce him to his unknown daughter.

The Christians – Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile, by Tony Gioutsos & Linda Wright, 4min 20 seconds
Exploring the harrowing times of Christian persecution in history, a devoted present-day Christian named Christos, a brilliant mathematician, loses his family and his way due to pride and the love of money; can he find his way back?