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TICKING, 2min.
Man is overwhelmed by Mother, Madness, and Mayhem.

Amidst a global extinction event, two survivors seek to find help while contemplating what went wrong.

An old man and his granddaughter make their way home after spending the day together, encountering a seemingly unimportant homeless man (Heads) en route to the bus stop. In a moment of distraction, someone takes his granddaughter. All possible witnesses leave on a bus and in a state of panic the old man reverts to asking Heads, whom he previously dejected. Heads is reluctant at first but ultimately decides to help find the girl.

EL PADRINO, 2min.,
El Padrino, dramatizes a family fleeing ICE agents in NYC. It boasts a unique and dynamic star in Christopher Alvarez. He is severely disabled. Yet that has nothing to do with his role or his performance. His character, 16 year-old Eduardo, spends his first night out all over the East Village, going from pushing the Cube at Astor Place to dancing in Tompkins Square. All the while ICE agents are tracking down him and Esperanza, the girl he is with. All culminates with a battle between the hulking agents and the tiny– yet tricky!– Eduardo.

GREY WOLF, 1min.
At a farm the animals are talking having funny conversations. A fox tries to eat the chicks, when a grey wolf chase it away saving them.

P.T.S.D., 1min.
Life-threatening events changes a young boys life now he can’t do anything without that moment replaying in his head over and over. As he faces his fear the question is can he overcome it

An inspiring and insightful journey to over 20 countries, opening your eyes and heart to Autistic individuals. Learn about their challenges, environment and social life. Discover their strengths, talents and unique abilities. Autistic people share their experiences, feelings and desires.

Garbage People is an adult animated series created by Brit Tobin and executive produced by Jeff Eastin in partnership with Appian Way.

THE VALLEY, 1min.,
Directed by Wesley October

When Rose Taylor goes missing one night, a group of students begins to investigate, overturning a deeply haunted history of deception, greed, and a rare, precious stone with magical properties. From its discovery by Samuel, an enslaved person on a Virginia slave plantation to its sale in 1980s Church Hill, the story of the diamond is slowly revealed through intertwining narratives of injustice. Now the students must piece together the past in order to decipher what really happened to Rose that night, and, more importantly, why? Bloodlines dives into the interwoven, ever-changing social issues of Richmond, Virginia over the course of several decades, tied together by the throughline of a paranormal stone.

Diercted by Johannes Thapelo Moima

VILLAIN, 1min.
A young man discovers evidence that his roommate moonlights as a serial killer.

BLUE STAR, 1min.,
Ni’re (Cassandra Schomer ) and her genetically enhanced daughter Liz (Grace Carlton) find themselves at odds with one another. While on the run from the Krag Commander Ka’tis (Afton Shepard) and her team. Ni’re will stop at nothing to protect her family. Get ready to be Submerged in the prequel to the Award Winning Sci-Fi Submerge: Echo 51. This is the 5th film in the Submerge Universe Series.

On his death bed Andrew Valentine starts having flashbacks on some of the people he socialised with and some of the nasty turns he arranged on people, with his accomplices Joe Eastman and Barry Bridges nothing stood in their way until the day they crossed the line with Benny Wiseman [ The Old Man ] when two tribes want the same thing there is only one way it’s going to end. Written by Rene Costa

Take a deep dive into the life of Manny the Tru MC, a poet with Cerebral Palsy, who takes you behind the smile into what like is truly like for someone with a disability. “If you have the heart of determination, there is no such thing as limitations”. — Manny the Tru MC. This film is a testament to human determination and what is possible with a positive outlook and refusal to make excuses for your current circumstances. You will laugh. You will cry. You will leave grateful. Where There’s a Wheel There’s a Way.

Podcast interview:

Trailer: MOON SHADOWS music video
An image of a child looking towards the evening moon visited my thoughts one day or maybe it was a dream, from there an imaginary dialogue or dance emerged between the moon and the child. But who is guiding who in this planetary dance, is it the moon or the child?

I often wondered how a distant moon could influence the ocean’s rhythms and tides, in a kind of inter-planetary dance beyond distant horizons. From these uncertain thoughts, lyrics and dance followed thanks to the artistic contributions of those near and far.

With gratitude to our journey and the shadows that follow us along.

Short Film Trailer: KEVIN
Cal reluctantly attends a Celebration of Life for his eccentric neighbor’s loved one.
Directed by Sherie Effres

Short Film Trailer: GLORY & INJUSTICE
When a custody petition arrives, 13-year-old girl “Glory” must break her dad “Lord Injustice” out of a depression or they will lose each other forever.
Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

In a forest plagued by drought, a group of mycelia fungus struggles to provide nutrients and moisture to a desperate root system, which affects the entire terrestrial story.

Forest Under Stress is a short film about about Rachel Hall, an advocate for the southern Oregon forest, and the diminishing annual water supply that adversely affects root systems.

Directed by Michal Joy Hall Bravo Ramírez, Rachel Lee Hall