Best of AUGUST 3, 2021 Trailer Festival



THE BENIGN CONSPIRACY, 2min. 42 seconds, Documentary
10-part documentary on the Kennedy assassination provides factual evidence to support a unique conclusion: that while Oswald may have been the “lone assassin,” he was certainly not the “lone shooter.”

MASKING THRESHOLD, 28 seconds, Austria, Horror, drama, Psychological
‘Masking Threshold’ combines a chamber play, a scientific procedural, an unpacking video, and a DIY YouTube channel while suggesting endless vistas of existential pain and decay. Glimpse the world of the nameless protagonist in this eldritch tale, which is by no means for the faint of heart.

THE HANDLER II, 6min., Crime/Thriller
Jonathon “Dog” Doge is a retired K9 Sheriff and Vietnam MWD veteran with horrible guilt. He returns to his hometown to discover an underground crime ring. After they try to kill him, he hides his recovery until he can seek redemption through revenge for all the right reasons.

PROMISES, 97 seconds, Drama
Self made millionaire Rolando Dominguez (Carlos Guerrero) could not resist the tempting pleasures that came with his success and now finds himself homeless, demented, and tormented by flashbacks of his regretful mistakes and broken promises to his missing son Rollie (Carlos Guerrero Jr.). Rolando struggles with his guilt as he realizes that the fortune he worked for in his pursuit of happiness is the very thing that has destroyed his life.

THE DRIVER, 86 seconds, Drama
A short film about a driver of a mustang muscle car.

DECEPTIVE VOWS, 2min. 13seco., Drama
DECEPTIVE VOWS is a powerful, fictional, domestic violence film based on Gary’s domestic violence play, “Until Death do us Part.” His novel version, also called Deceptive Vows, was published in 2010.

In turbulent racial times, a controversial play brought Black and white high school students together for an exercise in race relations. It happened in 1966 in the Civil Rights era and 50 years later, it happened again in the era of Black Lives Matter.

KNIGHTS OF EARLY LOS ANGELES, 2min. 41sec., Documentary
Return in time to the romance and history of the California Rancho era when the arrival of the Knights Templar would change the lives of the Spanish Dons and their Señoritas forever.

The Ominous Project Universe Presents: CARNAGE, 90 seconds, Horror/Thriller
1 year after the horrific events of “The Ominous Project Universe Presents: ISOLATION”, the American Disease Center & The Health & Safety Department of of America, announces that quarantine and all previous safety precautions have been lifted which causes 3 young adults to take a risky vacation to Florida. However, on their way for fun in the sun; what they encoutered on the countryside of southern Georgia is something only found in nightmares.

SCHWINN VARSITY, 2min. 21 sec., Drama
Summer 1977 – two boys embark on an epic bicycle odyssey in search of a mythic dumpster full of adult magazines.

CALLE OCHO, 88 seconds, Drama
When the smart and beautiful daughter of a wealthy Cuban refugee (the most powerful conservative voice in Florida) becomes a U.S. Senator, she works cleverly and clandestinely to defy both her father and accepted political precedent to abolish the U.S. Embargo.

THE ATONEMENT, 1min. 44sec., Crime/Mystery
A “Big City” Detective takes on one of the most complex cases of his career as he investigates the mysterious death of a local woman in the story of a battered wife and sudden disappearance of her estranged husband. His worthy detective work invites a gruesome turn of events as he finds himself questioning his own sanity in a small town with no one to trust.

DEN OF DRAGONS, 70 seconds, Action/Crime
Barbra is a cop on the run, framed for murder she is on a mission to clear her name and expose the city’s corruption.

THE END OF DAYS, 2min. 3 seconds,Sci-Fi/Animation
A trailer/teaser for our SciFi animation ‘THE END OF DAYS’.


SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Scarlett’s Ghost, by Robert Cole
“Scarlett’s Ghosts” is a story of sibling rivalry — hate and redemption played for laughs. In London, in the late 1700s, two aristocratic young men fall in love with beautiful Cassandra Bailey. Thomas was her betrothed and older brother Martin was having an affair with her. The triangle turned ugly with a bloody to-the-death sword fight in their grand home, Hamilton House. They haunt the halls, fighting and hurling outrageous insults at each other ‘round the clock.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Who’s The Pin Head, by Samantha Hallenus
The bowling alley is the central meeting spot of the town. The town had a manufacturing plant but that closed.
The townies and the people outside the town do not get along with each other.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Queen’s Coiffeur, by Will Bashor
Marie Antoinette almost fainted at the sight of the red-hooded executioner in her prison cell that cold morning and she recoiled with horror when he asked her to turn around so he could cut her hair, necessary to ensure that the guillotine’s blade would work properly.

After hosting an annual themed summer party 24 years ago where his mother is mysteriously slayed, JULIUS (42) and friends reunite. Julius invites twin siblings ANGELA (43) PETER (43), couple AMY (43) and THOMAS (45), husband and wife GRIFFIN (42) and LEAH (41) and lovers CLAYTON (41) and KEN (42). All arrive for a Summer Solstice Themed Reunion at Camp Julian, where Julius lives his dream as host and hosts nightly murder mystery dinners that retro in 1980’s slasher killer fashion.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Vincent & Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood, by Frank Hays
Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood is a biographical drama. Historians and biographers agree or have hinted that Vincent van Gogh’s adulthood included periods of homosexuality. This screenplay delves into the tumultuous relationship between Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.


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