Best of JULY 7, 2021 Trailer Festival



KNIGHTS OF EARLY LOS ANGELES, 180 seconds, Documentary
Return in time to the romance and history of the California Rancho era when the arrival of the Knights Templar would change the lives of the Spanish Dons and their Señoritas forever.

BALTHAZAR & SNIRT, 107 seconds, Animation
During the age of monsters and magic…
A fearless village idiot and an anxious wizard-in-training team up to slay a dragon.

WAITING FOR THE RIVER, 168 seconds, Documentary
In 1944 a young girl escapes a horrid death, only to discover years later the myth of the Phantom Bear that saved her.

TERROR TIME, 59 seconds, Horror
A trailer for the anthology horror concept, Terror Time.

FORUM, 43 seconds, Drama
Trailer for short film “Forum,” written and directed by J.M. Kallet.

IN THE WINE DARK SEA, 120 seconds, Documentary
Through a colorful mosaic of stories, this documentary film aims to demystify Crete as a winemaking region and offers a rare insider glimpse into the indigenous grape varieties, the people behind them and the challenges they are facing with the eminent climate change. Filmed, edited and directed entirely by Chrisa Giorgi, the project reveals the ancient grape varieties and the unique terroir of Crete.

IMPURATUS, 5min., Thriller
With an ice storm on his heels, Detective Clayton Douglas of the Allentown Police Dept. travels across the snow-covered road to what seems like the middle of nowhere. Out in this vast emptiness sits the massive state hospital. A modern marvel of its day.

LAND OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE, 180 seconds, Animation
Sandy Piggot, a ten-year-old American girl, leaves her New York home for a family vacation in Ireland. Being chased by what her Irish cousin Kevin calls a witch and the threat of a convict on the loose they run for their lives. By some supernatural and magical circumstances they find themselves in the Land of the Little People, a Kingdom that is under siege from ferocious attacking rats.

SOLDIERS OF GOD, 171 seconds, Dramedy
(Faith Based Dramedy) A US Military doctor is shaken when he cannot save the life an identical twin who returns from the hereafter to make amends for her indiscretion with him when he was her sister’s fiancé. She must reconcile the love he had for her sister and introduce him to his unknown daughter.

TOM AND HIS ZOMBIE WIFE, 75 secodns, Horror
The Trailer for the Feature Film ‘Tom and his Zombie Wife’

SILENT NOTES, 180 seconds, Thriller
Observer, paid to observe worldwide ship business, witnesses murder, pollution and the endangerment of fish populations, that put his life at risk. His notes become silent and no one knows what happened…’cept Red.

BED AND BREAKFAST, 120 seconds, Comedy
In the style of Neil Simon and the feel of “The Big Chill,” two washed-up B movie producers coerce a young, naïve screenwriter into helping them convince a “money guy” to invest in a picture based on the writer’s script. The three hopefuls and their families’ caravan up North to an enchanting bed and breakfast where they all anxiously await the arrival of the man with the money… the man who will supposedly make all their dreams come true. This compelling story is laced with fears, tears, laughs and insights; while delivering a surprise, yet very happy ending. Just the way Walt Disney would have liked it.

THE FORM, 5min., Drama
Yesterday will let you go when it’s ready.

OUMUAMUA, 4min., Documentary
Proof of concept trailer for the story of global chaos following an irrefutable extraterrestrial flyby event.

UNDER THE RADAR, 74 seconds, Action
A motley group of bounty hunters finds themselves in deep water when gun-toting thugs ambush their fugitive transport van, freeing a high-profile criminal.

THE LOST PARADISE, 117 seconds, Drama
Trailer of the 46 awards film “The Lost Paradise”

INTERMINABLE, 115 seconds, Thriller
Interminable is about two desperate thugs trapped in a room where one just have a personal realization to escape. Things are not as they seem.

Joel and his friends must destroy the fabled forever kingdom amulet to end the Longest Halloween or pay with their lives.

AMENO PROJECT, 147 seconds
Trailer of feature film Ameno Project

MARIA, 65 seconds, Drama
Conquering all adversities, two teenagers from racially divided communities find love in a life of bigotry and violence only to have it end in tragedy.


SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Welcome To New York-Afro New York Experience, by Obafemi Lasode
Welcome to New York-Afro New York Experience
The “American Dream” is alive and well, even in the African Community in New York City, “The Big Apple”!

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: CHASERS, by Eric White & Tony Folden
Inexperienced siblings escape pandemic lockdown in the City to vacation as storm chasers in the American Great Plains, only to inadvertently create a social media subscriber base of their misadventures.

WHITE NOISE is a short film about Dana’s struggles with chronic pain due to a genetic condition called scoliosis. Determined to feel better, Dana goes on a hunt to find answers through various treatments and doctors today, and loses all trust in healthcare. She moves back home with her parents, in hopes to get the support and healing she craves, and in doing so, she learns to take control of her condition and make decisions for herself again.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: One More Sleep by Robert Drusetta
“It’s Christmas Eve…again, and again and again” OR “He has 24 hours to save Christmas”


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