Best of MAY 5, 2021 Trailer Festival


Here is the FULL Lineup of Trailers – 30 in total:

COPPERHEAD, Action/Horror, 90 second trailer
After a successful heist, a masked team of bank robbers leaves two of its members for dead… or so they thought. The lone survivor (COPPERHEAD) hides behind an emotionless metallic head-mask, as he methodically trails the culprits and picks them off, one by one. Charged by revenge and driven by obsession, he is not only after their lives and profits, but something much more meaningful.

CODE 13 UNREADABLE, Crime/Supsense, 105 second trailer
Agroup of Massachusetts State Troopers, referred to as the “Dream Team”, work to locate and save a kidnapped girl with just her audio to help them before the batteries run out.

CHRISTMAS DEADLINE, Romance, 48 second trailer
Romance author and her co-author thriller writer disagree on how to end their novel. She wants a happily every after and he wants their characters to die in an explosion.

UNSTATELY, Comedy, 60 second trailer
Unstately is a comedy about a local political dynasty and their misadventures and endeavors to manage their lives, local government, and interactions with the odd yet lovable inhabitants of the city. Politics and family…it’s about running.

JESSE JAMES, Drama, LGBTQ+, 163sec. Trailer
In the moments between a neighbor’s phone call and the arrival of the police, Jesse and his lover test the boundaries of their relationship and come face to face not just with what they are losing but with what they have already lost – when Jesse can no longer save his relationship but only himself.

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ETERNAL, Fantasy Romance, 181sec. Trailer
ETERNAL is the first book of a planned trilogy, charting Vala’s burgeoning magical abilities, her and Elvar’s ascension into adulthood, and their evolving relationships with characters new and established. ETERNAL delves deep into Arthurian legend, interweaving it’s magical strands with present time.

CONVICTION – THE STEVEN GENTER STORY, Documentary, 100 second trailer
Trailer for premiere episode of Olympian docuseries, “Beyond Bronze, Sliver and Gold”. The inspiring story of 1972 USA Olympic swimmer, Steve Genter.

JOINWITH.ME, Sci-Fi, 65 seconds
Teaser for screenplay, book and upcoming short film JoinWith.Me, a dystopian/sci-fi story. LOGLINE: After contacting the JoinWith.Me website, a lonely man is stalked by an omnipresent creature. The infrastructure of the web has become a sentient being. See — The book JoinWith.Me is available on Amazon.

THE GRAVEDIGGER’S SONG, Horror, 48 seconds
Trailer for the short film, “The Gravedigger’s Song”, about a man who buries the dead at a cemetery who has been retired by the administrators.

FORBIDDEN POWER, Sci-Fi, 94 seconds
A young man is seduced by a mysterious woman. He wakes up alone with extra powers and a message: Short – Red – Train. He searches for the woman to find the source of her power and why she chose him.

PROM NIGHT, Comedy, 60 seconds
On the night of their teenagers’ prom, three overprotective fathers find a positive pregnancy test and go on a mission to find out which one of their teens is pregnant before the end of the night.

A young and brilliant academic phenom who not only passes the bar exam at age 14 but finds himself defending his homeless father on a murder charge when few believe he is innocent.

MOTEL PATEL, Comedy/Drama, 64 seconds
About a colorful Indian Patel family who own a fledgling motel in the United States. It explores the cultural differences of Indian Americ

THE YOUNGEST DOUGHBOY, War/History, 124 seconds
Ernest Wrentmore is dressed to kill with twin .45 automatics on his hips, a trench knife strapped across his chest, and enough ammunition to take out an enemy platoon. At age 12, Ernest is the youngest American solider in World War I France. He’s about to become a hero. Based on a true story.

HERSTORY BOOK TRAILER, Thriller, 137 seconds
It is the beginning of slavery in the Americas, a young African slave woman with special powers is rescued by a Native American Tribe and she must overcome her fears of her dark past, survive the present and prevent the Indian tribes fatal outcomes.

GHOSTS THAT CRY IN THE DARK, Action, 54 seconds
Frenchman on the run from British & American Black Op’s in remote South Australia

HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY, Drama, 46 seconds
When a bullied, abandoned, autistic teen threatens suicide, his group home manager, an autism dad, must throw him a lifeline or sink in the storm.

Instinct if wrapped within a wrongly wired minds would overpower even typical good citizens, becoming
nocturnal predators, but true love is able to straighten every twist.

COME ON, HARLEEN, Thriller, 108 seconds
After his final quarrel with the Batman comes to fatal end, The Joker’s supporters and empathizers mourn for the late clown prince of Gotham and rally together for an uprising.

BABY BOOMER RAP, Animation/Music Video, 91 seconds
Baby Boomer Rap’ is one of twelve original songs from the screenplay, “Baby Boomers Can Dance” by Pam Price.

DISASSEMBLED ME, Suspense, 103 seconds
Dutiful mother Emma Davies’ unfulfilled life is forever changed when an errant wish is unexpectedly granted, catapulting her into the darkest depth of good intentions, and the irrevocable consequences of cause and effect.

VIDEOGENIC, Sci-Fi, 120 seconds
Charly only has one passion, antique 8mm cameras. His latest purchase, will cost him more than he imagined.

OPEN WOUNDS, Drama, 87 seconds
The truth comes out. Trauma from the past is confronted and true healing begins. We don’t heal from what has never been diagnosed. Open Wounds sheds light on how our past of racial trauma can impact individuals, families, and the nation generations later. But redemption and restoration is possible.

JUSTIN AND THE WERLOOBEE, Animation, 110 seconds
Based on the published book, FRUIT OF THE VINE (Weisberg and Yoffe, Waldorf Publishing, 2018). In JUSTIN AND THE WERLOOBEE, we meet Justin, a sensitive, introspective boy whose physical features and personality make him a convenient target for many of his cruel peers.

EXPOSURE, Comedy, 60 seconds
A struggling actress copes with maniacal directors, echerous leading men, and endless servings of spinach salads, therapy sessions, and death threats

WHEN FAMILY PREYS: Elder Abuse & Dementia Alzheimer’s, Documentary, 137 seconds
A docu-interview describing the abuse of an incapacitated elderly woman with Dementia Alzheimer’s by family, city agencies and the legal system.

EDICIUS, Thriller, 134 seconds
When things go sour with Jason’s most powerful client, he knows his life is on the line. But a visit from his intuition, a man with his exact likeness, claims to have the answers to save him. All Jason has to do is trust him…but can he?

FLESH COLLECTOR, Horror, 4 minutes
An occultist turns a revenant serial killer into a terrifying zombie that lures hikers and travelers into their mountain lair to be hunted down and slaughtered.

THE DEAD DON’T LIE – BLOODY STUMP, Action/Thriller, 5 minutes
Never borrow money you can’t pay back. Mickey’s wife did, so they snatched her wife – gave him 5 envelopes marked 1 to 5 – told him to make 5 pickups deep in the Mojave – plus at each stop, he has to do something he ever, ever wanted to do and if he doesn’t, they cut a piece of his wife off.

This pitch features the screenwriter, Pam Price, singing and playing the guitar before she introduces the main characters from her Musical/Comedy, “Baby Boomers Can Dance”. Pam won three Medal Awards from Global Music Awards–Silver and Bronze for Lyrics, (two different songs) and a Bronze Award for Humor in a Music Video. The IP use of all twelve original songs written by Pam for “Baby Boomers Can Dance” would be reasonably priced and come as part of the purchase rights for the screenplay. This would eliminate the costly, time consuming negotiations for IP Music rights ordinarily associated with a Musical.