Best of JULY 2022 Trailers Festival

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A Town Full of Ghosts – Coming to most digital platforms soon! A couple sells everything to movie into a dream home.

2 – UNDER A BAD MOON, 1min.,
The one minute trailer for the short film Under a Bad Moon.

3 – GARBAGE PEOPLE, 1min.,
Garbage People is an adult animated series created by Brit Tobin and executive produced by Jeff Eastin in partnership with Appian Way. The series follows a jaded plush bunny, Patches, and a savage banana peel (Peel) through their madcap adventures in the dumpster town of Trash.

British shut-in Joseph Balber is having a bad day, a bloody awful day. In fact, his last day.

Little girl lost…her voice. Grandfather’s mule helps her find it. When your only friend, has four legs.

6 – THE SUSPECT, 30 sec.
The Suspect is a comic courtroom drama. The main character, Howard is a drug dealer and has committed several crimes in the past. To his surprise, he is one day in the premises where some guy robs a bank and ends up getting accused of committing it.

7 – RED FACE 3min.,
The United States is about to give up on crime infested Wing City and about to enforce martial law, but two hot headed siblings will enforce justice on their own accord before that happens. Those two siblings are Kane Bridges and Sasha Bridges, African American police officers of the Wing City Police department WCPD. Kane Bridges is framed for the death of a millionaire and owner of the Full moon Hill Club, Jason Fields. Kane finds himself covered in Jason’s blood during a setup. Sasha Bridges investigates the death to clear her brother’s name.

8 – IN THE DARK, 2min.,
With no memory of a wild night out, a downtrodden bookkeeper must put together the pieces without losing his mind in the process.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the odd socks? Why is it that you can put a pair of socks into the dryer and only get one back? From the makers of “BTS on the Road” and “Bengleton Socks” Web TV series comes a film to answer these questions.

10 – ANGUISH, 1min.,
A Veteran Detective goes on the hunt for a serial killer, but who’s hunting who?

11 – SWERVE, 1min.,
After a major pandemic leaves a talented artist out of work, Van Xander reaches out to Remo, a former street friend for some fast cash. But Remo has something else in mind. To have Van mentor a troubled kid trying to fit in the BMX wheelie culture of Philadelphia.

12 – THE FULL MOON, 1min.,
The year is 1979. On the run from the law, a vicious biker gang, known as The Full Moon Fathers, wakes from a night of partying in the woods to find one of their members murdered. While all fingers point to each other, another more sinister presence moves in.

13 – ACE DATE, 20 seconds
Sydney is an ace (asexual identifying individual) who goes on blind dates to appease her overbearing roommate and best friend, Rachel. She truly has no desire to date, but she’s learned over the years that it’s just easier to oblige her pushy friend, and at least sometimes she gets a good story out of it. Adam is a lonely writer eager to find “the one”. How in the world did these two get matched?! This is the story of their blind date.

14 – END OF CROWS, 1min.,
Dreaming of being a normal teenager shouldn’t cost your life…

15 – RECYCLE, 2min.,
This is the trailer for season 1 of our series RECYCLE.

A Female Combat Veteran after joining a Veterans support group, finds herself in the middle of a dark experimental drug ring that causes her to fight another war that takes place in her dreams.

17 – THE MISSION, 2min.,
Murder and revenge set the stage for a twenty-five year old conspiracy ignited by a lie. Charles Whitney is a man whose unbridled lusts and passions eventually brings his family to their knees. The fictional town of Avondale, Connecticut provides the backdrop for delicious retribution and intrigue.

Trailer for film Annabelle’s Aerodynamic Car

An inspirational youth film about the neglect our children face from their parents in the areas of love, affection, attention and security

20 – DAGGER OF WORDS, 2min.,
The Dagger of Words is a film about: humiliation, pride, human emotions and the sadness we bring to the lives of those around us with every word.

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