Interview with WILDsound Performer Becky Shrimpton

WILDsound Festival

It’s something I always look forward to. When I get an e-mail asking if I can come and read, it’s always a really exciting moment – I usually respond with a lot of exclamation points. Something I really appreciate is a sense of community that’s present. I’ve met some really great actors and really great people who I’ve gone on to work with in other projects.

– Becky Shrimpton, on performing at the WILDsound Festival.

To date, Becky Shrimpton has narrated 5 movies that WILDsound has produced from the festival. She is also the resident voice over artist for the Video Pitch Logline series, and has also performed at 6 festival readings. Matthew Toffolo sat down with Becky for an interview:

Matthew: You’ve performed over 80 video story pitches at our festival. Is there one story that stands out for you?

Becky: There was a pitch for a Lewis and…

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Interview with Marco Rosson, Voghera Film Festival

The Voghera Film Festival wants to promote the knowledge and the spread of indipendent cinema, in all its shapes of art and entertainment, creating a new meeting point in the international filmmaking landscape.

Matthew Toffolo interviews Artistic Director Marco Rosson:

Matthew: What is the goal of your film festival?

Marco: Our goal is to create a new meeting spot for international independent cinema. Voghera is a small town, and we love the idea of creating an event which could involve everyone, from the young people to the adults.

Matthew: How has the festival changed since its inception until your upcoming 2015 festival?

Marco: In respect to the first two editions, we’ve added a new prize, dedicated to animation movies, because we were interested in this genre, and we would like to give prominence to it.

This year, we received almost the 30% more of submissions. Moreover, we have big late-breaking news: the Voghera Film Festival will take place at the multiplex The Space (one of the main trademarks in Italy), which counts 160 seats. It would be great if they weren’t enough!

Matthew: How many films are you showcasing at your Film Festival?

Marco: That depends, from time to time, on how may works we receive. We don’t have a fixed number of films that have to be chosen. The selection is perhaps the most difficult part of the whole process, but also the most interesting and exciting. We really like to show to our audience films that are diffcult to be seen otherwise.

Matthew: Can you give us a sneak peak of what to except for the 2015 Festival?

Marco: I won’t say anything more than that we have high expectations of the animation section: we selected very interesting works we’ll sure the audience will enjoy.

Matthew: Is there going to be an overall theme for the 2015 festival?

Marco: There won’t be an overall theme, as there wasn’t in the past editions. We want both the authors to feel free to tell us whatever story is in their mood, and the public to be prepared to see an unpredictable variety of films.

Matthew: Where do you see your festival in 5 years?

Marco: I really hope that Voghera Film Festival will turn out be one of the most important Indie festivals in Italy, with more than 3000 submissions per year. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can tell that we’re working hard to achieve this aim. So, fingers crossed! 😉

Matthew: What’s the current status of the Film Scene in your city?

Marco: Not one of the best you could find, actually. There is no such big flow to the cinemas, especially in the last years, and many of the historical ones we used to have are closing.

We believe in cinema as an art, that has to be respected and carried on. This is what we try to do with our film festival, that we consider a way to give visibility and space to new ideas.

Matthew: What film have you seen the most in your life?

Marco: My favourite movie is Once upon a time in America by Sergio Leone. I’ve seen it a thousand times!

    * * * * *

Matthew Toffolo, Interviewer BIO

Filmmaker of over 20 short films and TV episodes, Matthew Toffolo is the current CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival. He had worked for the organization since its inception in 2007 serving as the Short Film Festival’s moderator during the Audience Feedback sessions.

Go to and submit your film, script, or story to the festival.

Go to and watch recent and past winning writing festival readings.

Interview with Glenn Magas, co-writer Batman/Superman Short Fan Script

WILDsound Festival

    Watch Fan Fiction reading: BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER, by Glenn Magas & Dale Fabrigar


    NARRATOR – Val Cole
    Priest – Lucas James
    Bruce – John Goodrich
    Clark – Andrew Tite
    Woman – Melinda Michael

Matthew Toffolo interviews writer Glenn Magas:

Matthew: What is your short screenplay about?

Two really old ‘friends’ that, even 50 years later – still have each other’s back. Even in dire circumstances. They are always watching over each other.

Matthew: Why should this script be made into a movie?

Glenn: It’s a new take at future Batman and future Superman – introducing a new character. I think it’s refreshing, exiting, and new with strong characters with a history.

Matthew: How long have you been writing stories?

Glenn: All my life. Since a little kid… reading books, writing comics…

Matthew: What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Glenn: Wow – I don’t…

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Interview with Alexandre Kounde, Winning TV PILOT writer ‘No Love Doves’

WILDsound Festival

WILDsound’s feedback notes taught me, analysis after analysis, how to trim the fat and think organically, and helped me understand that in a good script “less means more”.

– Alexandre Kounde, on the WILDsound experience (Review)

    Watch the TV PILOT ‘NO LOVE DOVES’ by Alexandre Kounde


    NARRATOR – Allison Kampf
    Marcus – Mark Sparks
    Dhara – Amaka Umeh
    Sydney – Ashley Arnett
    Randolph – Lucas James
    Moira – Val Cole
    Luke – Andrew Tite
    Victor – John Goodrich

Matthew Toffolo interviews writer Alexandre Kounde

Matthew: What is your TV Pilot screenplay about?

Alexandre: No Love Doves is about a team of four private detectives who investigate infidelity cases while striving to cope with the drama in their own lives. This story is an analysis of the Death of love in conjugal relationships and in the broader context of human relationships.

Matthew: Why should this script be made into…

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Interview with Margaret Driscoll, winning TV Spec writer (Arrow)

WILDsound Festival

    Watch ARROW “Second Chances”, TV Spec Screenplay Reading:


    NARRATOR – Amaka Umeh
    Arrow – Lucas James
    Felicity – Ashley Arnett
    Quentin – John Goodrich
    Diggie – Mark Sparks
    Roy – Andrew Tite
    Canary – Melinda Michael
    Mrs. Bagley – Val Cole

Matthew Toffolo interviews writer Margaret Driscoll:

Matthew: What is your spec screenplay of the ‘Arrow’ TV show about?

Margaret: The heart of my spec teleplay lies within the title, “Second Chances.” I wanted to explore why we give second chances and what makes some people take them and why others, unfortunately, refuse the chance to change.

OLIVER questions his mission and family loyalty when DIGG’s former lieutenant RICK FLAG threatens to make MOIRA pay for her unpunished crimes. Meanwhile, SARA visits LAUREL in rehab and ROY struggles with leading a double life from THEA. Back on the Island, Sara warns Oliver of SLADE’S increasing erratic behavior.

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DEADLINE TODAY: SHORT Screenplay Contest Festival SAVE $10

WILDsound Festival

DEADLINE TODAY: SHORT Screenplay Contest Festival SAVE $10 – FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed at 2015 festival

– Get FULL FEEDBACK on your script. Winners get their script performed by professional actors at the Writing Festival!

Watch WINNING Short Screenplay Readings – Watch videos of past winners performed by professional actors

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Watch Recent SHORT Screenplay Readings performed by professional actors at the festival:

February 2015 Reading
Written by Rachel Reaugh

January 2015 Reading
Written by Roberto Lezzi

December 2014 Reading
Written by Michael Sieve

November 2014 Reading
Written by Ana R. Dominick

November 2014 Reading
Written by Cat Stewart & Stephen Hoover


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Interview with Michael Miceli, Feature Screenplay Winner (BESA)

WILDsound Festival

WILDsound has a reputation for providing on-the-money professional feedback for each submission. I like to enter every project I do in WILDsound because it is a great barometer for comparing your work to what is hot in the industry.

– Michael Miceli, on the WILDsound experience (review)

    Watch the Winning Feature Script Reading of BESA


    NARRATOR – Sedina Fiati
    Gino – Peter Nelson
    Ilir – Roman Spera
    Uke – Jarrid Terrell
    Carmine Jr. – Robert Notman
    Valbona – Erynn Brook
    Valbona – Steve Rizzo

Matthew Toffolo interviews winning writer Michael Miceli:

Matthew: What is your screenplay about?

Besa is the story of a loyal Italian father, forced to defend his son who has inadvertently sparked a New York mob war between Sicilian and Albanian crime families.

Matthew: Why should this script be made into a movie?

Besa is based on the electrifying novel by Louis Romano, who did…

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