Best of OCTOBER 5, 2021 Trailer Festival



PROVIDENCE, 2min., USA, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Damon Darrell, Lynia Love

There is major unrest in the city when a serial sex offender ravishes unsuspecting women at random, leaving virtually no evidence or any traces for police to trail. Detective SAVANNAH HUNTER is the lead detective on the case. Her brazen approach to police work leaves criminals unnerved and her superior’s on edge, however she gets the job the done.

Written by Christina Brandon-Gómez

A young black veteran suffering PTSD moves in with his sister and niece after a traumatic event triggers his breakdown. Can he face his demons to be the hero his niece believes him to be, or will he become the villain of his own story?

Directed by Dan Hertzog

LIFE IN KODACHROME is the story of Carey Carpenter, an accomplished high-school senior who struggles to change the career path chosen for him in order to pursue his dream of racing hot rods. In October 1957, Carey is at the drive-in with his best friends waiting for a movie to begin when the newsreel footage announces that the Russians have just launched Sputnik 1 into orbit. It is the Dawn of the Space Age. And it couldn’t be a better time for those living in Southern California and working for one of the big three – Lockheed, Northrop, and Douglas – unless of course your passion is to design and build hot rod cars amongst the likes of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, George Barris, and Von Dutch.

PHANTOM PAIN, 1min., USA, Experimental
Directed by Henry James

ISABEL AND JUNE, 3min., USA, Drama/War
Directed by Dan Hertzog

ISABEL AND JUNE tells the story of Isabel, a military widow struggling to fill the void left in her life and provide a proper home for her daughter – wherever in a wartime world that may be. With the loss of her husband, John, Isabel and their now two-year-old daughter, Anna, share a somber Pennsylvania Victorian with John’s sister, June. That is, until the emptiness of her cabaret lifestyle compels Isabel to return home to her native Argentina in search of a better life, for herself and Anna. When June offers to go with them, Isabel is unsuspecting of the life she will ultimately lead.

Directed by Christopher Nation

Abbey Grace wants nothing more than to find her place in the world as she flourishes into a beautiful young woman. There’s just one problem — she’s the daughter of a notorious serial killer, and the whole world knows it. As she struggles to break from her father’s shadow, Abbey finds romance in the unlikeliest of places in this twisted, dark comedic tale that proves love knows no bounds Starring Aimee Trujillo, Nicholas Grant, Margo Quinn, Julie Anne Prescott, Tommie Vegas, Cheryl Prater, Gus Langley, Brad Stein, Directed by Christopher Nation

Directed by Richard Daniels

This trailer include four of the five dances in the new short dance film suite The Pandemic Dances by Richard Daniels: A Dance for A; Zooming: Nature Morte; Turbulence.

SWOON, 1min., Canada, Animation
Directed by Pamela Price

The “Trailer for Swoon” is a promo for my screenplay, “Swoon” which contains four original songs written by me. “Swoon” is a Musical/Erotic /Thriller in which a twenty-something singer and part-time Art Gallery assistant struggles for her life when caught in a conflict between two “Type A” Art Collectors wanting to buy the same painting.

Written by Lawrence Watson

This script reflects the personal experiences of the writer who had to have a family member actually cross the Rio Grande River into the U.S. from Mexico using the services of a coyote. Additionally, the writer has been in law enforcement along the U.S./Mexican Border and has seen first hand what can occur in an illegal river crossing and these events portrayed in the script have actually happened. They have been expanded with additional action, and a love story, to interest a movie audience.

Directed by Allison Bergman

Mrs. Winnifred Rice was really looking forward to moving her mother-in-law out of the house and into her own small apartment out back. But that won’t be happening any time soon. The city permits for the garage renovation have been denied. And it’s all because of a mysterious pile of slimy animal carcasses discovered on the rooftop.

THE SORORITY, 3min., USA, Grindhouse
Directed by Carter Bowden

A non-profit fake trailer. When their headquarters is destroyed by a malevolent figure, a disbanded group of female spies must unite against a common supernatural enemy.

Directed by Dan Hertzog

After defaulting on their loans, the United States is preparing to turn over its last remaining territories and possessions to the People’s Republic of China. In favor of the impending transition, a group of loyalists struggles to fend off a highly trained, stealth army from the resurrected Republic of Texas in a fight over earth’s remaining natural resources. When the Chinese and loyalists unite to eventually crush this rebellion, the People’s Republic of America is born.

ETERNAL, 3min., UK, Fantasy
Directed by Dion Johnson

Vala believes she is just an ordinary teenager trying to find her place in the world with her closest friends, Jelly and Max. But her splendid normality is quickly turned upside down when she meets Elvar, a handsome fae boy that Vala finds impossible to resist. The connection between Vala and Elvar is instant and electric and it is during their relationship that Vala discovers her fae heritage and connection to the legendary King Arthur. Furthermore, Vala has latent magical and healing abilities that Elvar helps her develop. But their euphoric bliss quickly comes crashing down when the insidious Spindler kidnaps Vala’s beloved parents. The Spindler is an evil sorcerer and stealer of souls and in the past, caused havoc in the fae kingdom of Candalia. With her parents’fate hanging in the balance, Vala needs to dig deep and embrace her newly discovered magical abilities to overcome the Spindler and save her parents from certain death.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Code of Redemption, by Guy Quigley
Written by Guy Quigley

A hijacked limo with an intended heist becomes a hijacked private jet with Jihadists’ on board, can a father and two sons survive or are they the ultimate sacrifice and will the female captives get their ultimate revenge.

RIO COMANCHE, 2min., USA, Experimental
Directed by Richard G. Miller

Hard Men Fight over gold

Directed by Lorie Mitchell

It’s 1929, the pressure is on for Sheriff Zachary Bordelon (Alec Franco), in the small city of Opelousas, Louisiana. Within the last two months, five negro girls have gone missing. Sheriff Bordelon is having a difficult time getting the black and Creole community to trust him due to the recent uproar of racial tension caused by activist Eugene St. Cyr. (Charles Viney, Jr.). Pressure and social tensions increase when the daughter of Earl LeDay (Mordecai Mose), a local horse breeder and the owner of Earl’s Joint, goes missing.

Directed by Zorina Exie Frey

After losing her parents and surviving The Reckoning, a catastrophic earthquake that nearly destroyed all of North America, young Thecla survived on her own in the remains of the destruction, known as The Wastelands against all odds.

FORETOLD, 5min., UK, Romance
Directed by Denise Dowdell-Stent

Love is the most powerful magic – but is love alone, enough?
Can babes-in-arms safeguard our future? Or will Stygian darkness rain upon us, plunging the world into a void of eternal night? In the blink of an eye, your world can change irrevocably. Sometimes the purest form of love can be shrouded in malice. When everything we hold dear hangs in the balance, how much would you be willing to sacrifice to save the one you love? A simple touch can alter the course of history for the greater good – or destroy it with a chalice of poisonous malevolence?

Directed by Dan Hertzog

DREAMS OF STARLIGHT follows the life of Saran, a young herdswoman who flees her abusive relationship to pursue her passion for performing during the fall of Communism in 1990s Mongolia. Through the aid of her longtime best friend, she finds her way to Guam where she works to send money to the mother and daughter she left behind. After years of supporting herself and her family, she marries a United States Air Force pilot and sends for her daughter, Marlaa, to live with them in Guam. When a teenage Marlaa uncovers her stepfather’s secrets, she ushers Saran to Los Angeles where the two can live together in peace. That is, until Saran falls victim to liver disease and her dreams of performing dissipate as her fight for survival takes hold.

DOMINO SPRINGS, 42 seconds, USA, Adventure/Mystery
Directed by Dan Hertzog

It’s Saturday, October 14, 1978.
Erich and Bryan stand in the middle of a narrow, two-lane highway gazing toward the looming mountains. The only thing that exists is a complex network of dirt streets and an eclectic mix of dated street signs. Yet among these tattered artifacts, unsettling traces of a dusty boomtown linger in the air.


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