2015, Poetry by Danny Karl Fleming

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2015, by Danny Karl Fleming

The Kansas City Royals won this year.
The Warriors also won their game this time.
Chicago Blackhawks captured on the sphere.
The movie Birdman conquered summertime.

New England thwarted football, tops this day.
Musicians Grande, Swift, Adele, are stars
With Gomez, Bieber, Carey here today.
The Martian hits the screen; the planet Mars

Has water, Pluto photographed up close.
Much trouble in Paris, Ukraine, San B,
And Isis strikes. It was a year of gross
Events, but acute hope and bravery

Can bring success. It never works to make
The happenings become a bellyache.

Genre: Rhyme, Hope, Motivational

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Star Strider, Poetry by Tricia Wagner

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Star Strider
by Tricia Wagner

A tribute to New Horizons and the dawning of Pluto on the eyes of humankind

North of nowhere,

stars advance,

firestorms of other worlds,

they rage,

and we are lost in them.

Starsong shivers from invisible peaks,

capped with coal clouds

obliterated in the black belly of an absent sun.

Rafters holding starborn choruses and bells

are grazed by the golden notice of snowy owls,

touched just by wingtips,


lost in the wilds of flying through the winds of many suns.

Star wings shade your reddened cheeks with blue,

weaken knees that bend to touch the arc of the Earth

in exaltation.

An angel flies; a star,

and you are lost.


Time and motion sweep memories from your soul

and take away the sky.

A moment of clarity.

A rising round of ice and dust,

and you are found,


Kneeling in the…

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Movie Review: OUR LAST TANGO (UN TANGO MAS) (Argentina/Germany 2015) ***

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our_last_tango_posterOUR LAST TANGO (UN TANGO MAS) (Argentina/Germany 2015) ***
Directed by German Kral

Review by Gilbert Seah

This documentary tells the story of love between the two most famous dancers in tango’s history – María Nieves Rego (aged 81) and Juan Carlos Copes (aged 84).

When the film begins, a closeup of Maria has her say that if she was given the chance to do it all again, she would not change a thing – for tango. The only thing is to do it without Juan. The camera moves back to show Maria and Juan standing very close, face to face. They begin to tango. This is a powerful start. Why did Maria make that statement about Juan. Did she bare that much hatred fro him? Or did she love him too much that she cannot handle it? The doc goes on to reveal the reason.

The film would naturally have a slow feel with two aged subjects. Director Kral (who got his film experience working as assistant to Wim Wenders) tries to counteract this by animating his film as much as possible. This is most evident in one scene where Maria’s two interviewers more than act out their surprise at Maria’s answers to their questions.

OUR LAST TANGO is less a film about the tango than about the relationship between Marian and Juan. And it is not a love but more a hate relationship. It becomes a bit tedious, with each complaining about the other, from start to finish of the film. Director Kral offers two sides of the story, so that the audience takes no sides. Often each would complain about the other at great length. Maria loves Juan too much but not unconditionally. Her pride is terribly broken she Juan bears a child with another woman. On the other hand, one can sympathize with Juan when he says he cannot stand Maria. It is not easy to live with someone whom one cannot stand despite the fact that that someone loves you.

The film has quite a lot of tango dances but not many shown in great detail or to great length. Rather many different types are shown during the different stages of their lives. The duo exported their dance to Broadway with ‘Tango Argentino’.

One wishes that there be more archive footage of Maria and Juan dancing together. Young dancers perform too many re-enactments so the film has too much of a made-up feel.
There is little said in the film of how the two became so famous and how rich or successful they became. Their dances on display in the film reveal very little of their talent as well.

OUR LAST TANGO is also a film about ageing, though not much is said of the subject. But one can see on the faces of both Juan and Maria – their past glories and regrets. Maria is also suffering from some nerve problem, evident in her old age. She cannot stop shaking her head.

It is difficult to imagine OUR LAST TANGO being interesting to those with little to do with dance, for the love/hate relationship of the couple is also not something that audiences will flock to.

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Movie Review: CAROL (USA 2015) Top 10 *****

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carol_posterCAROL (USA 2015) Top 10 *****
Directed by Todd Haynes

Review by Gilbert Seah

CAROL, first screened at Cannes to rave reviews and winner of the TFCA Award for Best Film, is the slow moving pensive subtle new film by helmer Todd Haynes that tells the sad tale of the love affair between two women, a rich wife, Carol Aird (Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett) and a store clerk, Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara). The film is based on the ahead-of-its-time 1952 novel called “The Price of Salt” by Patricia Highsmith.

Therese wants out of her hum drum life. Her job as a store clerk is leading nowhere just like her relationship with her overeager boyfriend, Richard (Jake Lacy). Her dreams include a career in photography and a more comfortable richer lifestyle with Carol who she meets at her store. Carol is facing problems of her own. Her separated husband, Harge (Kyle Chandler) is denying her daughter’s visitation rights. Harge is using her past lesbian affairs to deem her an unsuitable mother. This is the obstacle. Carol has to choose between her love for Therese and her daughter.

Haynes’ film moves extremely slowly. Not much is conveyed, for example in the first 15 minutes of the film, as the setting and introduction of the characters slowly come into focus. Even the ending is slow as the audience wonders what the final outcome of the relationship will be. But it is still a rewarding drama, all things considered. The set design, wardrobe, props and costumes are almost too perfect – like the departmental store Therese works at and the clothed and jewellery worn by Carol. The look of the film is similar to Haynes’ FAR FROM HEAVEN where the family lives in a gorgeous neighbourhood with perfectly manicured lawns.

Blanchett delivers another Oscar winning performance, the best sequence occurring during the lawyer and husband’s meeting when she is forced to have a final say. Her character is a very intelligent one – one who knows the stakes at hand, the risks involved with her relationship and what she has to do in order to survive. This contrasts with Therese’s character. Therese does to know exactly what she wants regarding her heterosexual relationship, her career and her current romance. It is Therese’s naiveté contrasted against Carol’s planned actions.

For a film about a lesbian relationship, sex scenes are necessary. It is quite uncomfortable to watch Mara and Blanchett having a go at it, in the nude, in bed. After all, this is the actress that played Queen Elizabeth, and winning an Oscar in the process. The sex scenes are long and could be shortened without much damage to the story.

2015 has seen two high calibre lesbian films, CAROL and FREEHELD, both with superb performances, yet both are highly different films with different themes. CAROL is dead serious, but not without humour, and more of the subtle variety.

CAROL is Todd Haynes (FAR FROM HEAVEN, SAFE, VELVET GOLDMINE), still in top form in terms of uncomfortable drama. Just as Ang Lee’s BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN broke taboos with male stars in a male homosexual drama, Hayne’s CAROL will do the same with the female gender. It is great to see two stars give their all for the craft of cinema.

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Short Films at Festival

Under 5 minute & Smartphone festival

List of Under 5 Minute Short Films that were showcased at the festival. Click the links and watch the Audience FEEDBACK videos, plus learn more about the films.

festival posterC.T.R.L.

3min, UK, Musical

festival posterHOW (NOT) TO ROB A TRAIN

4min, Comedy/Adventure, Canada

festival posterSTEADI-KID

Comedy/Commercial, 1min, USA

festival posterMOVING PRAGUE

Musical/Dancing, 6min, Czech Republic

festival poster1500 NINOS

6min, Horror/Mystery, Canada

festival posterFAT

Animation/Experimental, 3min, Canada

festival posterMINOTAUR

5min, Greece, Experimental/Fantasy

festival posterBEING

Animation/Experimental, 2min, China

festival posterKNOCKED DOWN

Animation/Action, 3min, Spain

festival posterPOLAR WHERE?

Animation/Comedy, 1min, UK

festival posterGAME OF SENSES

Animation/Experimental, 4min, Poland

festival posterMOVING FRANCE

Musical/Dancing, 3min, France

festival posterMOVING LONDON

Musical/Dancing, 3min, UK

festival posterMERKUR
WATCH Audience…

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Under 5 minute & Smartphone festival

Read comments and reactions from filmmakers who have had their short film showcased at the Under 5 minute FEEDBACK Film Festival.

I was very excited that my film had the opportunity to be seen by this audience. Interesting observations though by a very intelligent audience.
– Emy Tzavra-Bulloch (MINOTAUR)

People sure do take things seriously and over analyze! What a great experience.
– Scott McDermott (Steadi-Kid. Film went viral. Google “Steadi-Kid” and watch)

I am really happy with the audience feedback video I received.. First of all, because the audience could understand the feelings that I wanted to convey through my movie and second reason because my animation style also was praised. I am amazed and happy.
– Camila Moreira Marques (FAT)

I was quite nervous at the beginning (watching the audience feedback of my film), but people seemed to react very positively so it really was a great…

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