Interview with Margaret Driscoll, winning TV Spec writer (Arrow)

WILDsound Festival

    Watch ARROW “Second Chances”, TV Spec Screenplay Reading:


    NARRATOR – Amaka Umeh
    Arrow – Lucas James
    Felicity – Ashley Arnett
    Quentin – John Goodrich
    Diggie – Mark Sparks
    Roy – Andrew Tite
    Canary – Melinda Michael
    Mrs. Bagley – Val Cole

Matthew Toffolo interviews writer Margaret Driscoll:

Matthew: What is your spec screenplay of the ‘Arrow’ TV show about?

Margaret: The heart of my spec teleplay lies within the title, “Second Chances.” I wanted to explore why we give second chances and what makes some people take them and why others, unfortunately, refuse the chance to change.

OLIVER questions his mission and family loyalty when DIGG’s former lieutenant RICK FLAG threatens to make MOIRA pay for her unpunished crimes. Meanwhile, SARA visits LAUREL in rehab and ROY struggles with leading a double life from THEA. Back on the Island, Sara warns Oliver of SLADE’S increasing erratic behavior.

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