Interview with WILDsound Performer Becky Shrimpton

WILDsound Festival

It’s something I always look forward to. When I get an e-mail asking if I can come and read, it’s always a really exciting moment – I usually respond with a lot of exclamation points. Something I really appreciate is a sense of community that’s present. I’ve met some really great actors and really great people who I’ve gone on to work with in other projects.

– Becky Shrimpton, on performing at the WILDsound Festival.

To date, Becky Shrimpton has narrated 5 movies that WILDsound has produced from the festival. She is also the resident voice over artist for the Video Pitch Logline series, and has also performed at 6 festival readings. Matthew Toffolo sat down with Becky for an interview:

Matthew: You’ve performed over 80 video story pitches at our festival. Is there one story that stands out for you?

Becky: There was a pitch for a Lewis and…

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