TV SPEC Screenplay for GIRLS “Camping”, by Yolanda R Easiley (plus interview)

WILDsound Festival

    Watch the GIRLS “Camping” TV Spec Screenplay Reading:


    NARRATOR – Val Cole
    HANNAH – Jillian Cameron
    MARNIE – Erynn Brook
    JESSA – Graciela Alexandra Martinez
    ADAM – John Marcucci
    TOM – Peter Bent
    RAY – Rob Salerno

Matthew Toffolo interview winning writer Yolanda R Easiley:

Matthew: What is the TV spec script of the GIRLS TV show about?

Yolanda: Hannah (Lena Dunham), needs to picked up from the airport, so she calls on her friend’s for help. Unfortunately, something as easy as an airport pickup becomes extremely complicated. Someone dies, friendships are tested, pimps are beat-up and Airport Security becomes a serious issue.

Matthew: Why does this script fit into the context of the show?

Yolanda: The TV show, GIRLS, is driven by intense human emotion. Simple tasks are always turned into huge challenges, because the main characters aren’t able to cope. I believe…

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