TV Spec Screenplay of NEW GIRL “Career Day”, by Melissa K Willis (plus interview)

WILDsound Festival

Watch the TV SPEC Screenplay of NEW GIRL:


JESS – Erynn Brook
SCHMIDT – Rob Salerno
NICK/BANKS – John Marcucci
CECE – Leah Doz
WINSTON – Peter Bent
COACH – Mark Sparks
STUDENT 1 – Graciela Alexandra Martinez
STUDENT 2 – Jillian Cameron

Get to know winning writer Melissa K. Willis:

1. What is the TV spec script of the NEW GIRL TV show about?

A: Jess is in charge of her school’s career day, which she hates, and she’s afraid she’s going to get fired if she screws it up. She’s under a lot of pressure to get it right; and after Nick and Winston’s old friend from Chicago, Banks, shows up, everyone sort of reevaluates what they’ve done with their lives so far. His presence presents a whole different set of challenges for Schmidt because Banks is super human AND the anti-Schmidt.

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