1st Scene Screenplay Reading of MYA’S TRUTH, by Thomas L Ferguson (plus interview)

WILDsound Festival

    Watch the 1st Scene Reading of MYA’S TRUTH:


    NARRATOR – Val Cole
    MYA – Leah Doz
    MONA – Erynn Brook
    CANDACE – Graciela Martinez
    JASMINE – Jillian Cameron
    ROBERT – John Marcucci
    WALTER – Rob Salerno

Get to know writer Thomas L. Ferguson:

1. What is your screenplay about?

My screenplay is about self doubt and how people use obstacles in
their life to protect themselves from success. In Mya’s Truth, Mya
uses her relationships with men, particularly her father, to keep her
from stepping up to the plate to achieve her goals. She must learn
to define her own destiny, instead of letting others define it for her.

2. Why should this script be made into a movie?

Overall, I believe it is a universal story about love. Not just romantic
love, but more important, the love one has for him or her self. There
is also…

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Interview with Filmmaker Mariana Conde (C.T.R.L.)

WILDsound Festival

We were a little nervous and excited; it felt like we were secretly spying on the audience, like a fly on the wall!…..Hearing C.T.R.L being described as simultaneously fun, playful and slightly uncomfortable to watch is fantastic. That is exactly what we were aiming for, so that whilst entertaining we could raise awareness to issues that are relevant to our society and important to us. Ultimately, we loved the debate it spawned on technology, social media and privacy issues, the underlying theme of C.T.R.L.
– Director Mariana Conde on the WILDsound experience (Review)

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video for the Short Film C.T.R.L.:

Matthew Toffolo interviews Filmmaker Mariana Conde:

Matthew: What motivated you to make this film?

Mariana: My partner Stu is a web developer and is really into a games. We’re a competitive couple and test new concepts by pitching them to each other. When he came up with…

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Deadlines Today for Writing Festival: Stage Play, Comedy/Animation/Fan Fiction Screenplays, Romance Novels

WILDsound Festival

Deadline May 10th: STAGE PLAY #Festival. Get play performed by actors. FULL FEEDBACK

WINNERS get their stageplay read at the Writing Festival.

WATCH the recent WINNING STAGEPLAY Readings –


DEADLINE May 10th: SAVE $10 COMEDY Screenplay Festival – FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed at festival.

Watch WINNING Screenplay Readings – Watch videos of past winners performed by professional actors

READ 100s of testimonials for past submitters –


Deadline May 10th: ROMANCE NOVEL FESTIVAL. Get full feedback! Get your book performed by professional actors.

WATCH the Recent Winning Short Story/1st Chapter Readings:


DEADLINE May 10th: SAVE $10 ANIMATION Screenplay Festival – FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed at festival.

Watch WINNING Screenplay Readings – Watch videos of past winners performed by professional actors

READ 100s of testimonials for past submitters –


FAN FICTION FESTIVAL. Deadline May 10th. Fan…

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Interview with Sarah Deakins, Filmmaker (Short Film GREECE)

WILDsound Festival

I loved hearing all the different interpretations from the different audience members. Everyone comes to a screening with different backgrounds and history, and that all informs the way in which they receive and perceive a film; it was fascinating to me, and I thought everyone had very valuable things to say.

– Filmmaker Sarah Deakins, on the WILDsound Film Festival Experience (Review)

GREECE was awarded Best Performances at the April 2015 Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of GREECE:

Matthew Toffolo interviews Director/Actress Sarah Deakins:

Matthew: What motivated you to make this film?

Sarah: I’m interested in how people connect when their mutual pasts are fraught. I wanted to create a situation where only one person could communicate, but had no idea if they were affecting the other. I wanted to visit the last moment of shared connection between these two people, even though they didn’t know it was…

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Interview with Francisco Lorite, Filmmaker (Short Film MEDIATION)

WILDsound Festival

I always thought that once a film is finished (or abandoned, as someone said once…), it no longer belongs to the filmmakers – it belongs to the audience. The WILDsound festival is the perfect illustration of that. I very much appreciate the fact that your audience took the time to watch MEDIATION in the first place, and then chose to stay after the screening to discuss it. As a writer-director, I couldn’t ask for more – if there is an audience that cares enough to talk about a film I wrote and directed, then I’ve done my job.

– Filmmaker Francisco Lorite, on the WILDsound Experience (Review)

Mediation was awarded Best Cinematography at the April 2015 Film Festival

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of MEDIATION:

Matthew Toffolo interviews director Francisco Lorite:

Matthew: What motivated you to make this film?

Francisco: The main goal behind making a short film was to…

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DIRECTING A FILM. Tips to Film Directing from some top Movie Directors

WILDsound Festival

Ideas to be a great Film Director!

Directing a film is the most intensely solitary and intensely collaborative experience you may ever have. On a psychological level, it’s about keeping your ego in perfect balance with your need for input, and your vision moving forward with your changing circumstances.

Whether you’re running your first independent-film casting call or into your millionth day of shooting, you may find some useful ideas here.

A great movie is about catching the audience on every level.

All the great film directors always say: Direct the stories that you know right now. Express yourself in the films. Put your personal vision in the films.

The main questions a Film Director must answer are:
1. Where do I put the camera?
2. What do I tell the actors?
3. What is the scene about?

David Mamet says that directing a film is about shooting a variety…

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WILDsound Festival


-Production Design
-Script Analysis

-Dissect the script and come up with gameplan
-Write down ideas for images for each scene
-Look for connections to your own past experiences

-Scriptwriting answers the WHAT questions of the story;
Production Design answers the WHERE AND HOW
-The Director begins the prep process by having conferences with his or her Production Designer, explaining each scene of the script as he or she sees it
-Break down the script, answering: How long will it take, and how much will it cost?
—-PICTORIAL: Set design, costumes, props, make-up, and any elements that are layered on top of a location and must by built, manufactured or otherwise obtained
—-SEQUENTIAL: Skills of the writer, Production Designer, Director, DOP and Editor
-Once locations are secured, the Director develops…

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