Watch 10pg. Stage Play: HELEN REDDY WOULD BE ASHAMED by Katie Grotzinger

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Winning 10 page Stage Play by Katie Grotzinger:


NARRATOR – Brett J. Kelly
HARDLY – Holly Sarchfield
O’NEIL – Danielle Nicole
PACHEO/PARKER – Maya Woloszyn

Get to know writer Katie Grotzinger:

1. What is your stage play about?

“Helen Reddy Would Be Ashamed” is about a group of teenagers at an all-girls’ school that have to pick a topic to work on for their social justice class. One of them suggests feminism, which the others feel is a pointless topic to bring up in their always pro-woman environment.

2. Why does this play need to be performed at the theatre?

The story takes place in a high school classroom and high school, to me, felt a lot like theatre. Everything was very high energy and the girls in the play are too. I think you can feel that best in a live performance.

3. How long…

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