TV Pilot Reading: SEX THERAPY by Michelle J Brezinski and Doug Carter

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Watch the Winning TV PILOT Performance Reading:


NARRATOR – Lorry Ayers
LAURA – Marsha Mason
LITTLE LAURA – Victoria Kucher
GEOFF – Geoff Mays
MARTIN – Allan Brunet
RAJ – Dan Cristofori
MALE GUARD – Adam Martignetti

Matthew Toffolo interviews co-screenwriter Michelle Brezinski

Matthew: What is your TV PILOT about?

Michelle: A 1/2 hour comedy about a non-orgasmic sex therapist, who plunges into a midlife crisis, forcing her to take advice from an apparition of her eight year old self. All while a collection of colourful clients desperately seek her advice on how to attain a more blissfully satisfying sex life.

Matthew: Why should this script be made into a TV show?

Michelle: It’s time we shed some comical light on this TABOO subject and ease up on our ridiculous expectations. After all it only sex.

Matthew: How long have you been writing stories?

Michelle: I’ve told stories…

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