2 BROKE GIRLS Original Screenplay Reading – Watch Now!

FAN FICTION Film and Writing Festival

Watch the Performance Reading of 2 BROKE GIRLS:

Script titled “And the Sick Horse” by Greg Wayne


When Chestnut falls ill, the girls are forced to become phone-sex operators to pay for his treatment. Meanwhile, Oleg and Earl coach Han in preparation for a big date.


NARRATOR – Gennalee Gordon
CAROLINA – Lex Kilgour
MAX – Stefanie Terzo
OLEG/GELO – Neil Bennett
HAN – David Poon
DR. HUNG – Danielle Nicole
EARL – Rob Green
WOMAN – Hannah Drew
HIPSTER #1 – David Occhipinti
HIPSTER #2 – Paul R. Whitaker

Get to know writer Greg Wayne:

1. Why would your TV SPEC be a perfect episode for the original show?

I think it captures the tone and voice of the series, and explores the topic of equine bowel obstruction in a unique way.

2. How long have you been writing screenplays?

About four years.

3. What film…

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