VANISHED Thriller Short Film – Watch Audience FEEDBACK from the Festival

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

Submit your THRILLER/SUSPENSE Short Film and get it shown at the FEEDBACK Film Fesival:

VANISHED was shown at the November 2013 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Watch Audience FEEDBACK Video of VANISHED:

VANISHED, Action/Suspense, 11min – USA/Germany
Directed by Simon Beckman


A secret research facility has been completely annihilated when a special ops team comes to the rescue. Keaton, a hard-nosed investigator, tries to reconstruct what has happened when one sole survivor is discovered.

Alex, shell-shocked and wounded, cannot remember much, still Keaton is relentless. He needs to find out what she knows right now to avoid an even greater disaster.

Directed by Simon Beckman

Writers: Simon Beckman, James Coyne

Stars: Cameron Richardson, Mark Rolston, Jed Abrams


GENRES:Thriller, Crime, Action


‘To me a film is successful if it keeps the viewer’s attention for the entire running time and leads them to form an opinion on…

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