Watch MAD MEN “A Hold on Me” Season 4 Episode 6.5

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Watch Original Screenplay Reading of MAD MEN, by M.J. Louis:


NARRATOR – Deborah Merrick
DON DRAPER – Christopher Huron
PEGGY OLSON – Kayla Lynn Lewis
PETE/STAN – Matthew Taylor
STEPHANIE/BETTY – Katelyn Vanier
FAYE MILLER – Sidonie Wybourn
LANE PRYCE – Mark Munro
JOEY/MARK – Andrew Farr
PATTY/JOAN – Martha Girvin
BERT/DUCK – Ryan Fisher

Synopsis from writer M.J. Louis:

My spec script is from Mad Men Season four which follows Don Draper as he is forced to leave someone else in charge of creative as the agency tries to win a new account while he faces a family crisis.

This spec script is set between episodes six and seven of season four. In episode six, Don Draper wins a CLEO award for the Glo-Coat Ad. Peggy…

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