Watch MAFIA Stories from the Writing and Film Festival

Watch winning stories and movies showcased at the Writing and Film Festival in the MAFIA, MOB, and GANGSTER genre: Short, Feature, TV Screenplays. Short Stories. Novels. Stage Plays. Poems. Stories from festival made into movies:

June 2014 Reading
Written by JJ Hillard


Anticipating a severe reprimand for a failed drug deal, two criminal operatives in a safe house await a phone call from their mysterious boss, but instead get a surprise directive that may have deadly consequences for one of them.

    * * * * *

December 2013 Reading
Written by Christopher Willis


In 1934, a fourteen-year-old girl dreams of the riches and lifestyle of Hollywood. When her pitiful dustbowl life is destroyed by a tornado, she follows her dream west on Route 66. Two men chase after her: a retired sheriff who believes in her innocence and a brutal gangster determined to even the score with her for killing his brother. With a little help from friends made along the way, she reaches Hollywood and finds out that her real life is much richer than the one she dreams about.

    * * * * *

February 2015 Reading
Written by Kim Godfrey


Two psychology students practice an illegal form of hypnotherapy that allows for the erasure of traumatic memories. Driven by opposing motivations, their ambitions lead them into a violent and exploitative criminal underworld. As they spiral down, one man struggles to maintain his sense of morality while the other struggles to maintain sanity.

    * * * * *

Feature Script – BESA
March 2015 Reading
Written by Michael Miceli


Besa is the story of a loyal Italian father, forced to defend his son who has inadvertently sparked a New York mob war between Sicilian and Albanian crime families.

    * * * * *

July 2015 Reading
Written by Arthur S Brown & Rory Leahy


Brooklyn, NY 1948. The cold war is heating up, and mob entrenchment is at its peak. The U.S. is running a victory lap. Returning veterans want their share of the pie, and they’re willing to strike for it. Two young idealists meet, fall in love, and set out to save the world – while not getting corrupted doing it.

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