Read the Twitter Short Story Winners for September 2015

Submit your 140 character story and have it performed by a professional actor
Deadline September 30th:

Read the 10 Twitter Short Story Winners. These winning stories will now be made into a YouTube Video:

Twitter Story, by Curtis Threadgold

Twitter users will be hit hardest under new Tory austerity plans with cuts of up to 50 charact

I Am the Blues, by MC

My skin brings blessings to everyone save me. I sing heaven to earth yet, remain in misery. I AM thunders, “Your being helps others to be.”

You Need Love But You Don’t Need That, My Lass!, by Linda Bates

My mother’s caustic tongue made advice sound like a curse. Now death stuck in the back of my throat as I looked up at the monster I’d married.

Final fears, by Deena Douara

She clung to life, fearing mediocre adjectives like “nice,” “friendly,” “good-natured.” She pleaded with God for a chance at better words.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat, by Bud Scott

The time machine is ready!

I’ll set it for ten seconds into the past.

Whiz, Whirl, Bam

The time machine is ready!

I’ll set it for ten seconds into the past.

Whiz, Whirl, Bam

The Alibi by Erik Wollschlager

When the cops showed up, I knew they were looking for you. I’ll never know if they caught up to you, or if you had a good enough head start.

Immaculate, by Hussain Hameed

I was quite surprised when the doctors told me I was pregnant. It wasn’t just that I was still a virgin but that I was also a boy.

The Crappy Tuesday, by Amie Ryan

“Just tell me the truth”
“All right…I cheated on you”
“I thought you’d just stolen my money?”
“Well yes, that too.”

Roses are Red, by M Sawyer MCIJ

She stood, alone, dark against the cold November sky, a red rose dangled at her side as she looked without seeing in to the grave.

The Breakup, by Victoria Sarda

The coffee grew cold, the table an ocean between them. She gazed at the cup, a napkin, not him. His hands moved, eyes, table, ear, pocket.

    * * * * *

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