Watch TV Spec Reading of BOB’S BURGERS by Travis McMaster & Tony Interdonato

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Watch the November 2015 Winning TV Spec Screenplay Table Read.

Watch BOB’S BURGERS “Wreck Center”


NARRATOR – Becky Shrimpton
BOB – Allan Michael Brunet
LINDA – Erynn Brook
LOUISE – Lauren Toffan
GENE – Adam Martignetti
TINA – Devin Upham

Get to know writers Travis McMaster & Tony Interdonato:

1. What is your TV spec screenplay on Bob’s Burgers about?

We wanted to do a full family story. Mr. Fishodoer has extorted the Belcher family into using the rec. center.

2. Why should this screenplay fit into the context of the tv show?

In the previous seasons we’ve seen a lot of building of the town mythos, with the wharf arts center, the track, the convention center. We wanted to expand the town and also Bob and Linda’s history in it. We liked having a connection to Bob and Linda’s youth that they could (overbearingly) share with their…

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