Read the best of NEW Novel Loglines and Story Pitches from around the world:

WILDsound Festival


Read the best of NEW Novel Loglines and Story Pitches from around the world:


Written by: Sushil Rauthan

Type: Novel

Genre: Drama, Political

Title: Secrets & Lies in El Salvador…

Written by: Sherrie Miranda

Type: Novel

Genre: History, Adventure

Title: Bed of Thornes…

Written by: Angel L. Woodz

Type: Novel

Genre: Erotic / Steamy / Raw Romance with climax of plots and deep story line of characters.

Title: Bad Elements: Blood for Blood…

Written by: Lynn Mullican

Type: Novel

Genre: Action, Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy, Adventure

Title: Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)…

Written by: Ram Gulrajani

Type: Novel

Genre: Crime Thriller

Title: The Maverick Effect…

Written by: George Verdolaga

Type: Novel

Genre: Inspirational guide

Title: Up and In…

Written by: Deborah Disney

Type: Novel

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Title: Christmasville (Book I of the Christmasville Trilogy)

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