Interview with George Pogatsia, filmmaker/actor “Family on Board”

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

George Pogatsia’s short film “Family on Board” played to outstanding reviews from the Toronto FEEDBACK Audience at the November 2015 Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK of “Family on Board”

Matthew Toffolo: First off, I have to ask….what happened at the end? Did he take off in the car with the family like most of the audience members thought?

George: He leaves in Ms. FREE-MAN’s Audi (Urban dictionary: Audi adj. or v. to leave, or to be leaving).

He takes his brother’s advice. His family is on board with the plan … wait for the feature.

Matthew: What motivated you to make this film?

George: Three things …

1) I lived downtown durring 9/11 & I probably suffered from a degree on PTSD. The towers striking the towers actually woke me from bed.

2) The Joe Horn story in Texas, he saw 2 men breaking into his neighbor’s home &…

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