Never to old for Love (2015 Poem), Poetry by Colin Guest

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Never to old for Love (2015 Poem)
by Colin Guest

The year 2015 has been one of great joy and happiness.
With deep and everlasting love overcoming all in its way.
Although there were times of stress from health problems.
All turned out well, with nothing at all serious prevailing.
I thank the stars above for my meeting my wife Gulden.
Who since we met, has been a tower of strength to me.
Giving me the will to overcome any problems I had.
Each time we go out for a walk we always hold hands.
With my smiling in the knowledge that I’m a lucky man.
People sometime stare on seeing us sitting on a bench.
Cuddled up close together and looking so deep in love.
This can be seen by all, as surely as night follows day.
Some no doubt are shocked to see us sometimes kiss.
But we…

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