Interview with Glen Gauthier, Sound Mixer (Spotlight, Pacific Rim, Kick-Ass)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

A location sound mixer is the member of a film crew responsible for recording all sound on set during film-making.

I recently sat down with Glen Gauthier to talk about the art of sound mixing on set. Glen’s work has spanned over 30 years, working on over 90 films and TV shows. His credits include: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Spotlight, Pixels, RED, Max Payne, Jumper, A History of Violence, Open Range, and Parenthood.

glen_gauthierMatthew Toffolo: On a major film shoot there is sometimes over 100 crew members whose job is to focus on the picture. And 2-3 people, usually in the corner, working on the sound. How does this dynamic work from a film crew unity perspective? Are you sometimes the forgotten major crew member? 

Glen Gauthier:  I have said many times that a hundred people work for camera and three for sound, but I am fortunate that I work on…

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