2015 Poetry Winner – Jane Gill Wilson

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The Poetry Festival is proud to announce its 2015 Poetry Winner.

They will now have their poem made into a film.

Paris – The Atrocity 13th November 2015 by Jane Gill-Wilson

Gunfire out of nowhere
Bullets ricochet,
Blood shed in the city
On another Parisian day.
Eyes closed in anguish
As the shocking events unfold,
There is no rhyme or reason
As evil takes control.

Armed with Kalashnikov’s
On their killing spree,
Intent on ending life
As victims start to flee.
Mayhem in the city
Bodies on the ground,
Echoing explosion
Causing carnage all around.

The unfolding horror
An onslaught of war,
Is a crime against humanity
One the world abhors.
A nation now in mourning
Struggles to comprehend,
How lives were extinguished
Brought callously to an end.

Holding hands together
United we must stand,
To eradicate the evil
Infiltrating our land.
Drastic measures needed
As time is running out,

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