February 2016 Short Screenplay Winners

Under 5 minute & Smartphone festival

A record setting 5 short screenplays were performed at the festival in February 2016. Watch event screenplay readings performed by professional actors: 

Short Screenplay #1: LOVES LABORS LOST
by Stanley Eisenhammer


Genres: Comedy, Romance

After her boyfriend botches a marriage proposal, Nicole accidentally drops the engagement ring in the toilet and begins to have second thoughts.


NARRATOR – Neil Kulin
JEFF – Gabriel Darku
NICOLE – Amanda Pereira
CHLOE – Elizabeth Rose Morriss
VOICE – Susan Wilson

Short Screenplay #2: COMPLICIT
by Andrew L. Schwartz


Genres: Crime, Drama

An old man tries to escape his past transgressions before having to go on trial for them.


NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne
LT. HAMMELSTEIN – Sean Kaufmann
CLARITA/MARIE – Kelci Stephenson
SCHEINBERG – Chris Reid-Geisler
SGT. SACCO – Jarrid Terrell
PAP PAP – Sasha Rajamani

Short Screenplay #3: ANIMAL SKINS
by Bryan Ott

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