Happy Birthday: Angela Kinsey

angelakinseyHappy Birthday actor Angela Kinsey

Born: June 25, 1971 in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

As a struggling actress, Kinsey worked as an operator for 1-800-Dentist, and often draws upon her days in corporate America for her scenes in The Office (2005).

Worked as an intern for Max Weinberg on Late Night with Conan O’Brien (1993) in 1994.

Sister-in-law of Paul Lieberstein, who is also her costar on The Office (2005).

Sister-in-law of Greg Daniels, who is also a writer/producer/director/developer of The Office (2005), and Susanne Daniels.

Is best friends with her The Office (2005) costar, Jenna Fischer, who is godmother to Angela’s daughter, Isabel.

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