Happy Birthday: James Coburn (1928–2002)

jamescoburn.jpgJames Coburn (1928–2002)

Born: August 31, 1928 in Laurel, Nebraska, USA
Died: November 18, 2002 (age 74) in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

[on Sam Peckinpah] Sam is, I think, a great filmmaker. Of course, he’s his own worst enemy. Sam is an unusual human being, and he needs to be treated like an unusual human being. He can create an atmosphere, whether he’s drunk, sober, pissed off or in a rage, or whatever. I mean, for about three or four hours a day, he’s a fucking genius. But the rest of the time he spends wallowing in a kind of emotional reaction to either good or bad memories.
movie posterYOUNG GUNS 2
dir. Geoff Murphy
Emilio Estevez
Kiefer Sutherland
PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KIDPat Garrett and Billy the Kid
dir. Sam Peckinpah
James Coburn
dir. by Stanely Donen
Cary Grant
Audrey Hepburn


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