TIFF 2016 Movie Review: FIXEUR (THE FIXER)(Romania/France 2016) ****

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the_fixer_poster.jpgFIXEUR (THE FIXER)(Romania/France 2016) ****
Directed by Adrian Sitarru

Starring: Sorin Cocis, Tudor Istodor, Mehdi Nebbou

Review by Gilbert Seah

This Romanian New Wave entry, shot in both French and Romanian tells the moral tale of a Romanian FIXER, Radu Patru (Tudor Istodor) who works at a prestigious French news station, the Bucharest headquarters of France Presse. He speaks Romanian and is both a translator and fixer, i.e. problem solver.

His big break (he hopes to progress from intern to journalist) would likely come through fixing an interview of an under-aged Romanian prostitute who wants to spill the beans on her John. He uses all means to obtain the interview but director Sitarru reveals the unethical practices involved. Sitaru shoots in the realistic style of the Romanian New Wave directors using everyday situations, non-professional actors and hand held camera.

Yet he is not afraid to inject some fun when needed – like the film’s best scene in a bar where Radu picks up a saxophone to join in the rendering of the famous Edith Piaf song, “Je ne regrette rien.” He uses incidents to get a message across like the argument between Radu and his son at the dinner table. An effective, occasionally moving and absorbing film.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c7R3GzrXFI

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