Movie Review: DON’T LET THEM IN (2016)

  MOVIE POSTERDON’T LET THEM IN, 13min, US, Horror/Thriller
Directed by David Lawrence

Dan Metzger, a struggling author, consumed with the urban legend of the Black Eyed Kids, fears his obsession has led their evil to his door.

Seen at the August 2016 HORROR/THRILLER FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

Movie Review by Kierston Drier

Don’t Let Them In is a classic supernatural horror that delivers exactly what it promises – thrills, chills and CGI skills- all bundled together in 10-15 minute pocket of entertainment.

After a somewhat confusing opening scene which sets the stage for creepiness, the story opens on a glamorous well-to-do couple in a loving, but possibly stale marriage.

Our hero is writer working on his next big break and, while showering upstairs in their home, his wife is befallen by terrifying evil of some hideous sort.

The film harkens back to a standard set of classic tropes for horror films- the unknown power, the unseen enemy, the danger in the knock at the door you aren’t expecting. Don’t Let Them In may not offer anything new and unheard of to the genre of horror, but it is nevertheless tense, thrilling and suitable scary.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the short film:

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