TIFF 2016 Movie Review: INTERCHANGE (Malaysia/Indonesia 2016) ***

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interchange_poster.jpgINTERCHANGE (Malaysia/Indonesia 2016) ***
Directed by Dain Iskandar Said

Starring: Prisia Nasution, Iedil Putra, Shaheizy Sam

Review by Gilbert Seah

Writer/director Dain Iskandar Said’s ambitious supernatural crime thriller takes a bit too much than it can chew though it is beautifully shot with a good mix of old-fashioned special effects and magic for good measure.

Shot in both English and Malay with the characters often switching languages within a conversation as is in the case the way Malaysians speak, the film offers a close look at the local customs and folklore as well as the shops and housings in and around Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The supernatural is taken back to Borneo the huge Malaysian island where much is still uninhabited.

The film deals with a forensic photographer Adam (Iedil Putra) who has become a recluse. But another murder with eerie resemblances to that one has just taken place, and Detective Man (Shaheizy Sam) thinks that Adam may unwittingly have access to some answers. Photographs were found at the new crime scene, images in which Adam’s neighbour, Iva (Prisia Nasution), appears — but the pictures seem to have been taken many years before Iva was even born. There is a romance tied in with the rituals.

INTERCHANGE is a bit confusing in the way the story unfolds, and the tie in between bird and longevity is not that credible, but Said tries very hard in his movie and his effort shows.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ81AnCPqJM

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