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Directed by Andre Ovredal

Starring: Ophelia Lovibond, Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox

Review by Gilbert Seah

Norwegian bad boy Andre Ovredal (THE TROLL HUNTERS) returns with a gruesome horror shocker set in the basement of a house that doubles as a crematory and morgue. It is an old family business of father (Brian Cox) and son (Emile Hirsch), a closely knit family.

The two get along (not unlike most movies that would add tension here) and they help each other out. They have to when the local sheriff brings in a dead body of an unknown woman (they call Jane Doe) for an autopsy.

The story does not make much sense nor the goings-on with the explanations given. Director Ovredal knows how to shock his audience though.

Using false alarms and things that go bump and tinkle in the night, the audience will be scared half to death if not already grossed out. It is also good to see good actors like Cox and Hirsch in a horror film.

Trailer: https://teaser-trailer.com/movie/the-autopsy-of-jane-doe/

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