TIFF 2016 Movie Review: TRAMPS (USA 2016)

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tramps_poster.jpgTRAMPS (USA 2016) **
Directed by Adam Leon

Starring: Callum Turner, Grace Van Patten, Michal Vondel

Review by Gilbert Seah

Adam Leon’s low budget lonely hearts club romance has two newcomers Callum Turner and Grace Van Pattern play two unlikely pawns in a shady delivery deal.

They are supposed to do a briefcase exchange with a lady with a green bag, the only problem being that there are two ladies a green bag who show up. Besides hunting down the briefcase, the two have nothing better to do but to fall in love.

The easy going narrative almost works, but it is too simple for too long and gets too predictable towards the end. But decent performance are delivered in a film with a soundtrack that appears to be turned on and off by the volume knob.

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