Movie Review: RED ROVER (2016)

  MOVIE POSTERRED ROVER, 15min, Australia/USA, Fantasy/Action
Directed by Brooke Goldfinch

Two teenagers from a remote religious community travel to town in search of shelter after being told by their Evangelical parents that an asteroid will soon destroy the earth.

Shown at the September 2016 Sci-Fi/Fantasy FEEDBACK Film Festival

Movie Review by Kierston Drier

 A refreshingly different approach to an encroaching apocalypse film, Red Rover, an American film directed by Brooke Goldfinch, straddles the genres of science fiction, romance and drama. As the end of the world approaches, two teenagers escape their religious community to seek shelter and potential survival. The piece is founded in tragedy when the teens realize that they have nothing left to loose except each other.

Unlike many apocalypse films, this piece does not rely on heavy pandemonium- huge riots, teeming masses of terrified people, big explosions- instead it focuses on the last death throws of a society that has already accepted its’ end. The streets are vacant. The shops deserted. The last remains of society exist in debauchery inhabited abandoned hotel rooms. Red Rover’s focus on realism in this way may be disturbing to some, a refreshingly honest to others.

The theme of this film, however, will pull the heart strings of any romantic. As the world approaches its violent end our heroes must re-evaluate what it means to have lived and been alive. Is a life that is short, yet full of love, wonder and joy, any less lived? Red Rover seeks to ponder that question. To find the answer, you’ll have to watch it and see.


Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the short film:

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