Film Review: RUSH TIME STAND STILL (USA 2016) *** Directed by Dales Heslip

rush_time_stands_still..jpgRUSH TIME STAND STILL (USA 2016) ***
Directed by Dales Heslip

Less than a concert movie than a RUSH tribute, RUSH TIME STAND STILL caters to both the band’s ardent fans as well as novices. The film is preceded by two shorts: a 20 minute documentary entitled RUSH – A TRIBUTE TO KINGS followed by a an animated 5 minute dedication to RUSH band member Neil Peart of the drums.

The 20-minute TRIBUTE TO KINGS begins with still photos of RUSH on stage followed by references given by other famous bands like KISS, Tin Lizzie, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and foo-fighters. The talking heads humorously talk about RUSH while emphasizing the band’s energy, to be demonstrated later in the concert part of the actual film. The 5-minute cartoon is there for novelty rather than for anything else.
In 2015, Rush went out for a 40th anniversary tour- the R40 as seen on the many T-shirts of the fans. At the time the R40 tour was rumoured to be their last tour – an end to Rush’s life on the road altogether.

The film, narrated by actor/comedian Paul Rudd, follows this farewell journey. Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the band and crew throughout the tour provide the raw and vivid emotional undertones of this feature-length film. At its core are Rush’s devoted fans, and their undying devotion and quirky sense of ownership that are on full display as the R40 tour comes to a crescendo at the “Fabulous” Forum in Los Angeles. Personal stories highlight the importance Rush holds in their lives and the lasting impressions of their extensive catalog.

Of the world fans members selected to be filmed are a Scots and an Argentinian who share their stories. Particularly effecting is the story of Scot’s, who suffered a major car accident and spent weeks alone recuperating in a hospital room whee he experienced and got to love the music of RUSH.

The climax of the film is the last performance at The Forum in L.A., during their supposedly last tour. Who knows? They might do another one. Their last song, their last bow, the tears of their fans (as shown during the closing credits) are all captured on film.

What is also very moving about this band is the camaraderie among not only the 3 members but also with the entire tour crew. These include everyone from the lead truck driver, the stage manager to anyone small or big. This is in contrast to other bands like VAN HALEN where the members are always fighting. The sight of the three RUSH members taking their final bow on the Forum stage is a real sight for sore eyes.

The candid interviews are with among others, the RUSH members themselves Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart that bring an emotional conclusion for a band who built their career the old-fashioned way; one show at a time.

RUSH TIME STAND STILL opens Thursday November 3 for a week-long run across Canada at Cineplex and Landmark Theatres.




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