Movie Review: THE TRAP (2016)

  MOVIE POSTERTHE TRAP, 16min, Canada, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Adam Estey

When a young woman has had enough of her abusive, low-life criminal husband, she devises a vengeful escape plan to save her life and ruin his.

Played at the October 2016 ACTION/CRIME Short Film Festival

Review by Kierston Drier

Sexy and suspenseful, The Trap is a proudly Canadian short by director Adam Estey. The story follows Audrey, and her escape from her rich, dangerous and abusive criminal boyfriend.

The audience is taken on a ride through dark and sinister twists and turns, as a deadly cat-and-mouse is played out between the furious spurned lover, and his crafty ex.

Subtle and steamy, with mounting tension in every scene, The Trap is a suspense film, turned mystery film, turned action film. Cleverly designed with red-herrings and hidden details, there must be a special nod of appreciation to the film’s editor.

The sleek, highly polished look and feel of the film establishes the setting and story as one of cold and calculating life and death drama, which adds to the glossy appeal of the films’ cinematic value.

A film with a true handle of building complex and compelling story in a very short sixteen minutes, The Trap is a film to see. It’s an alluring look of what happens when burning love runs cold, and two criminals fight fire with fire.


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