Happy Birthday: Kenneth Branagh

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kennethbranagh.jpgKenneth Branagh

Born: December 10, 1960 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Married to: Lindsay Brunnock (24 May 2003 – present)
Emma Thompson (20 August 1989 – 1 October 1995) (divorced)

[on being told he is to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II] I was very, very, very surprised and I was very touched. Michael Caine and Roger Moore, both of whom I’ve worked with, offered only the insight that it’s handy to have the ‘kneeling stool with the handle’. Roger Moore, who has a dodgy knee, was terrified on the way to the ceremony that, having knelt down, he wouldn’t be kneeling back up again. You don’t want to move suddenly while that sword’s being wielded, I’m sure. I haven’t read of [Her Majesty] having knicked someone on the ear just yet, but perhaps I’ll be the first.

dir. Branagh
Robert DeNiro
dir. Kenneth Branagh

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