Happy Birthday: Christopher Plummer

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

christopherplummer.jpgChristopher Plummer

Born: December 13, 1929 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Married to: Elaine Taylor (2 October 1970 – present)
Patricia Lewis (4 May 1962 – 10 January 1967) (divorced)
Tammy Grimes (19 August 1956 – 2 September 1960) (divorced) (1 child)

[on being asked whether he had made his peace with his most famous film The Sound of Music (1965)] Oh, God no.

[on the enduring appeal of The Sound of Music (1965)] Yeah, it drives me nuts. It has nothing to do with the movie, it’s just a relentless pursuing of this film that goes on and on and I’ve gone on and on, far above and beyond it and then to be reminded of it, God almighty what is the matter with people?

Too many people in the world are unhappy with their lot. And then they retire and they become vegetables. I think retirement in any profession…

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