Happy Birthday: Natascha McElhone

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nataschamcelhone.jpgNatascha McElhone

Born: December 14, 1969 in Surrey, England, UK

Married to: Dr. Martin Hirigoyen Kelly (19 May 1998 – 20 May 2008) (his death) (3 children)

I think TV, I think right now, and I speak for many shows. Not just our show. That TVs now in it’s zenith. It’s how the 70s were for movies-the 2000’s are for TV. I think it’s a phenomenal time for TV and to be involved in it. And I, as you know, this show slightly preempted me that curve, but God am I glad that it worked out that way. Because I really, I didn’t have much experience with TV. I had mostly done movies and some plays. So I was very lucky to end up in a show that was not only successful, but was sort of groundbreaking in its own way, or at least it pushed some boundaries!

[on ‘”Californication”…

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