Happy Birthday: Dick Wolf

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

dickwolf.jpgDick Wolf

Born: December 20, 1946 in New York City, New York, USA

Married to;
Noelle Lippman (17 June 2006 – present) (2 children)
Christine Marburg (29 June 1983 – 2003) (divorced) (3 children)
Susan Scranton (5 September 1970 – 16 March 1983) (divorced)

If you’re going to the theater and the actor does not have a ‘Law & Order’ credit on the Playbill, it means he’s just got off the bus [to New York], or is really a bad actor.

I’ve never understood the obsession with younger writers and dramas. Comedies I understand, but how do you write drama at 23; you haven’t experienced anything. You know about 23-year-olds. It’s kind of hard to write about 60 year old EADAs [Executive Assistant District Attorneys]. Only a couple of us are 60 years old so far, but there are not many 23-year-olds who can write about life-changing situations unless it’s…

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