by Gilbert Seah

The Canadian Screen Awards, presented by the Canadian Academy of Film and Television.was held on Sunday March 12th at the Sony Centre in Toronto and hosted by Howie Mandel.

What is it? Canadian Screen Awards host Howie Mandel spends the first 5 minutes explaining what it is, before nicknaming it a STD ( as it is viral, being a cross between big screen, TV and digital). Going around the audience after his montage, cracking jokes and insulting selected people, Mandel shows how good and at-ease he is at being the host of such an important event. Mandel shows himself to be extremely articulate and alert. This is not the Oscars or Golden Globes but this is our Canadian own.

The first and funniest acceptance speech was given by Catherine O’Hara or Best Actress in Schitt’s Creek. This one has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

But the BEST speech was undoubtedly given by Christopher Plummer for his Lifetime Achievement Award. “Never be ashamed of making a fool of yourself”, are unforgettable words of his.

More crass and edgy than any other awards show so far this year, it is arguably the funniest, despite the fact that no one has seen the majority of the nominees.

Among whom the Canadian Screen Awards went to:
(never mind you probably have not seen or even heard of the films)

Best Actress in a Film:
Tatiana Maslany (The Other Half)

Best Actress in a TV Drama:
Tatiana Maslany (yes, again for Orphan Black)

Best Original Screenplay:
Daniel MacIvor (Weirdos, a gay coming-of-age movie)

Bes Actress in a TV comedy:
Catherine O’Hara (Schitt’s Creek)

Best Actor in a TV comedy:
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Kim’s Convenience)

Best Documentary Program:
Guantanamo’s Child

Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by Director Atom Egoyan):
Christopher Plummer (representing the BEST in stage and screen Canada has to offer.)
Best Actor in a Film:
Stephan James (Race)

Best Drama Series: if you have heard or seen any of them besides ORPHAN BLACK)
Orphan Black (obviously) – with a nice little speech about diversity.

Best Director:
Xavier Dolan (It’s Only the End of the World )

Best Film:
It’s Only the End of the World

Best Comedy Series;
Kim’s Convenience (because Schitt’s Creek won last year)

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